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    All manner of Peroxide players will find all they need for their Hollow progression in this essential Roblox guide. Whilst starting off as human, players will soon become a Hollow and start progressing to the next stage of Hollow all the way up to Vastocar.

    However, each stage requires certain requirements in order to reach it. So, let’s get into the step-by-step instructions you need to follow in this Peroxide Hollow class progression guide. 

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    Peroxide Hollow progression guide: How to become a Vasto Lorde

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    In order to complete your Peroxide Hollow class progression to a Red Eye Hollow and up to Vastocar in the game, you just need to follow all of the steps listed below for each Hollow stage: 

    Hollow class Requirements
    • Start the game
    • Walk around until another player kills you
    • Press G to break the chain
    Red Eye Hollow
    • Go to Hueco Mundo
    • Kill other Hollows until you reach level 20
    • You’ll gain your red eyes, making you a Red Eye Hollow
    • Kill another Red Eye Hollow
    • Press G to remove your mask as a Gillian/Menos
    • Kill 30 Hollows as a Gillian/Menos
    • Survive as a Gillian/Menos for 30 minutes
    • Press G to remove your mask as an Adjuchas
    Vasto Lorde         
    • Kill 1700 Hollows in total throughout your playthrough
    • Press G as a Vasto Lorde to remove your mask

    You should also keep in mind that killing Hollows whilst you’re at different Hollow levels will contribute more to your Hollow kill count per kill. For example, killing one Hollow as a Gillian will contribute five kills to your count instead of just one. 

    Hollow class Hollow kill count per kill

    One kill

    Red Eye Hollow

    Three kills


    Five kills


    10 kills

    Vasto Lorde         

    50 kills

    Storm Arrancars

    100 kills

    That’s everything you need to know about how to complete your Peroxide Hollow progression all the way to Vastocar. Whilst you’re here, be also sure to check out all Rogue Shinigami locations in Peroxide as well.

    For even more Roblox guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon. 


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