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    If you’re looking to become a powerful warrior in Peroxide, you’ll need to join up with one of the clans, Soul Reaper or Quincy. You may be leaning more toward the opposite side of the spectrum and wish to become a Soul Reaper, but if you’re like me, you’ll be more interested in the valiant and faithful Quincy warriors with their conjured swords and bows. Becoming a Quincy is a quick and easy process, even if you are just getting started. Keep reading below for the simple steps!

    How to become a Quincy in Peroxide

    Becoming a Quincy is fairly easy to do, even if you are a new player. All you have to do is speak to the NPC, Gunther. Gunther is within a garage of sorts in the beginning city location. You may get lucky at spawn and be right in his location, but if not, you can easily find him by using your reiatsu ability.

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    Your reiatsu ability is found right in your toolbar at the bottom of the screen, and it helps track important locations by popping up different icons on your screen. To use it, click on the ability in your toolbar and then press M1. You’ll see the icon appear on your screen. To find Gunther, look for a greenish-blue wheel icon.

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    Follow the icon to the garage, and you’ll find Gunther leaning in one of the corners. To speak to him, press on his character or press E near him. In his dialogue, he’ll ask you if you’re interested in joining the Quincies, and you simply have to reply, “Sure.”

    Once you do that, you’ll automatically be transformed into a Quincy, granting you the epic uniform and a new ability in your toolbar. This new ability will let you fast-travel to the Quincy headquarters, which is the perfect place to start your Quincy progression.

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