How to become a Hollow in Peroxide – Roblox


    Peroxide is a Roblox game based on the Bleach anime, which is why a lot of players wonder about becoming a Hollow. The process of becoming a Hollow is easy, and any newcomer can easily go down that path. In this Roblox guide, I’ll teach you how to become a Hollow in Peroxide.

    How can you become Hollow in Peroxide?

    The first thing you have to do to become a Hollow is complete the game’s starting tutorial. Once you do that, you will spawn as a human in the human world. The next thing you must do is find a Hollow and get killed by it. It’s worth noting that you will now be able to see any Hollow wandering as a human, and the only option you have is to wonder and hope that a Hollow will attack you.

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    Alternatively, you can disable the safe mode from the main menu which will let other players attack you. You can try asking other players to kill you or annoy someone so that they kill you. Whichever one of the two methods you find easier, go down that road to die as a human. Once you die as a human, you will wake as a soul with a chain attached to its chest.

    You have to get rid of this chain to create a hole in your chest and become a Hollow. On PC, all you have to do is keep pressing the G button. After that, press the buttons shown on your screen, and you will become a Hollow in Peroxide. Once you become a Hollow, the road to becoming a Soul Reaper will close, so think hard before going down this path.

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