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How to become a celebrity chef in BitLife


One of the most lucrative and sought after career paths in BitLife is becoming a chef. Unlike other popular careers like a doctor or an engineer, no special educational qualifications are required to become a chef. In fact, a high school graduation is more than enough to get an entry-level job as a Busser in the food business. So if you are interested in turning your character into a world renowned chef as part of the latest The Hell’s Kitchen Challenge or in general, please read the guide below without skipping any part.

How to become a chef in BitLife

After you graduate from high school or college, you need to look for an entry-level job in the food business. The best way to break into the restaurant industry is to look for any job that has the Fork-Plate-Spoon icon next to it. We recommend becoming any of the following by browsing the Jobs section.

  • Busser
  • food runner
  • Server
  • Dishwasher

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After taking any of the above jobs, you should stay in the same job until you have three to four years of experience. After the prescribed period has elapsed, you have to look for real chef related jobs like chef apprentice or a line cook from the Jobs section. Request it and crack the interview. Remember, you will be turned down for entry-level chef positions if you have no prior work experience in the food industry.

Once you become a chef, it’s time to move up the ladder. To achieve this, increase your work hours above 50 hours a week and use the Hard work option periodically. Soon, you will start getting promotions one after another in the same company or apply for a higher position in a different company.

Within 40 to 50 years and after 7 to 10 promotions later, it will reach the status of a Executive chef. At this point, you will unlock the Fame parameter and become a world famous chef.

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