How to Beat the TailGuarder Colossal Wraith in Atlas Fallen


    The most challenging boss fight I found in the early parts of Atlas Fallen is the one against TailGuarder. It took me nearly ten attempts to defeat the monster due to a poor build, combat strategy, and inefficient use of utilities. But, thanks to a few tips from my veteran RPG friends and other gamers on Reddit, I was able to take down the monster. So, if you are having a tough time like myself in beating TailGuarder, start by equipping the Disruptive Throw in your inventory and follow the given instructions below.

    How to defeat the TailGuarder Colossal Wraith in Atlas Fallen

    The most vital criteria to beat TailGuarder Colossal Wraith is to have a proper loadout and learn to dodge all its attacks.


    First and Foremost, I highly recommend you to equip the following list of abilities to your character gauntlet- Disruptive ThrowLost Temper, and Biting Sandstorm. These skills are highly suitable against the creature’s movement and will tilt the tide of the battle toward your side. For weapons, a Dunecleaver is more than enough to take down the beast. 

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    TailGuarder Attacks and Movement

    Understanding the movement and attacks of TailGuarder is vital to emerge victorious against the beast. You can see all the attack types of TailGuader from the following list.

    • Regular Strike: This is the most used attack of TailGuarder. During this attack, the TailGuarder will strike the ground and sweep in front of it. Try to stay close to a creature or far to avoid the attack. If you are next to the beast, it’s better to start attacking its middle par to tick some of its health.
    • Flying Minions: Regularly, the creature will spawn small flying minions that will hit you. Get airborne and destroy these minions before refocusing the main boss.
    • Laser Beam: When TailGuarder starts shooting beams off its tail, start surfing through the sand to evade the attack.
    • Tail Whip: Occasionally, TailGuarder will use its whip to strike. Watch the movement of the tail to know the timing of the attack and use the jump button to dodge it.
    • Sandform: TailGuarder sometimes will change itself into a sand-like form. During this phase, it won’t take any damage. So, save your skills and build up stamina.

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    Combat Strategy

    Once you have equipped the given abilities to the character and studied all of its movements, it’s time to battle the beast. To win against the TailGuarder, you must attack each of its body parts till it runs out of HP. I highly suggest you follow the given pathway, as removing the Limbs and Lower Body earlier will make the TailGuarder immobile, making it an easier target for the latter parts. 

    Lower Body -> Both Limbs -> Head -> Tail 

    Focus on the given section till the HP bar of that part depletes. You can track the HP bar of each section from the left menu. Position yourself according to the TailGuarder movement and use your Dunecleaver or any skills on the target parts. Ensure to correctly switch between each ability to avoid any wastage of cooldown time. Also, it’s better to restart the fight if you have half the HP by the time you rip off his Lower Body. Rinse and repeat the procedure till you beat the TailGuarder.   

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