How to beat the high BALL score in High on Knife


    Shortly after the High on Life, High on Knife DLC, you will encounter Salt Lick City. You’ll receive a new weapon called BALL and there will be a short mini-game where you have to beat a high score of 2000. It’s optional, but collectors won’t want to miss it.

    How to reach the highest BALL score in High on Knife

    Beating the high score seems easy at first glance, but it is much more difficult than it seems. The key to beating him is to prioritize the blue targets as they appear. They are worth 100 points, so don’t miss them.

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    On top of that, you’ll want to make liberal use of bumpers to ensure you hit all the objectives as quickly as possible. Don’t worry if it takes more than one attempt to beat the high score, as it is quite difficult. After enough practice and luck, you should be able to take on the challenge and take it down.

    High score reward in Knife BALL

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    For beating the high score, you will receive a Flukey collectible card. If you’re trying to get everything the game has to offer, it’ll be worth getting.

    The entire minigame is completely optional, so don’t worry if you never beat the score because none of that will affect your completion of the DLC. It will probably take you a couple of tries to beat the high score, but don’t worry if you can’t do it.

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