How to beat the first boss in Armored Core 6


    Armored Core 6 is the latest installment in the long-running Armored Core series. Like the previous editions, the boss fights in the game are challenging, and even the first boss against the AH12 HC Helicopter can be a headache if you are not fully aware of the combat mechanics of the franchise. So, if you are having a rough time bringing down the boss, I highly suggest you stick close to the helicopter and start attacking it.

    How to Beat AH12 HC Helicopter

    Use the following tips and tricks to eliminate AH12 HC Helicopter.


    Armored Core 6 is a game made by FromSoftware. The developers are known for challenging/harsh boss fights from previous titles, like Bloodborne, Elden Ring, and Sekiro. So, change your mindset from a casual gamer to a competitive one to face such bosses from the get-go. 

    Defense Strategy

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    Before attacking the helicopter, let us understand how to defend yourself from the flying mech. The AH12 Helicopter mainly shoots a barrage of rockets and missiles. Evade the attacks using the Evasive Aerial Maneuver by Holding the Spacebar. But remember, every ability has a cooldown, and you can only dodge the missiles for a small duration. Due to this reason, I recommend you to stay near or even below the helicopter as the boss won’t be able to direct his weapons towards you, making him reposition.

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    Apart from that, take the help of small broken buildings around you for cover whenever the helicopter repositions away from you. Also, refill your energy/stamina bar by standing on the ground to re-engage when you are behind a solid structure.

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    Attack Strategy 

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    The best way to eliminate the AH12 Helicopter is to use your melee attack(LMB) during the Stagger phase. Deal damage to the aircraft using your regular missile attacks and fill up the stagger bar. When it turns red, get near or on top of the plane using Assualt Boost and slash the enemy for a total of two to three times. In case you don’t have enough time, at least hit once at its body to make a significant effect. Since this is a critical phase, you will severely damage the mech, rendering one of its weapons useless.

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    Remember, your rocket launcher won’t help tick off the health bar as it’s weak. Only use it to fill the Stagger bar and keep getting close to the mech.

    If the helicopter runs away in the no-fly zone, don’t chase it. Instead, maintain distance and keep a distance. Otherwise, you will keep hitting the barrier, making an easy target for the missiles from the helicopter. Keep repeating all the above processes till you bring down the chopper. It took me nearly 5 to 6 attempts to bring the held down. So, keep playing till you emerge victorious.

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