How to beat Soda Popinski in Punch Out


    The Punch-Out series is one of the most famous sports games on the Nintendo platform. The popularity of the game is mainly associated with its engaging gameplay and unique variety of enemy characters from various parts of the world. In that sense, an enemy character that is so hard to beat in Punch Out is the Russian boxer: popinski soda. Difficulty mainly arises due to his confusing tactics such as continuously using blocks and suddenly strafing. Still, there is a little trick through which you can beat the Russian boxer.

    How to Beat Soda Popinski in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

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    In order to defeat Soda Popinski in the game, you need to know the character’s attack patterns. First of all, the boxer heavily utilizes two offensive moves: the left jab and the upper hook as he crouches. He can easily counter both moves with the following method.

    • The left jab: The first move executed by Soda Popinski is the left jab. Avoid the left jab by moving to the right using your D-Pad. It is a simple counter that is very effective. After moving, land continuous blows (A or B button) on the boxer until he lands another left jab.
    • The upper cut (crouch): The other move performed by Soda Popinski is the top slash while crouching. During this move, he uses the D-Pad Down block to block his attack. After defending, he immediately punches him in the stomach for a special star move. Press the start button to give him your special Uppercut to drain his energy completely.
    • triple choke punch: Aside from these two moves, Soda Popinski also executes a triple trot strike where he shuffles three times before striking three times. Dodge this move using the default directional button.

    Repeat the given solutions to counter all offensive moves until you defeat Soda Popinski.

    How to defeat Soda Popinski in Punch-Out Wii (2009)

    In the Wii version of Punch-Out, Soda Popinski has several moves that need to be studied and countered.

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    • hook punch: You can dodge Soda’s hook by strafing, ducking, or blocking.
    • Uppercut: The only way to counter the Uppercut is by moving left or right. Remember, his left uppercut is a bit faster than his right. So, be a little quick while using your left hand. Also, use a right jab after your left uppercut to secure a star.
    • side step hook: Soda usually uses this move after his first knockout. He steps aside to the left and lands a right hook. Counter the step by moving to the left.
    • Taunt: Sometimes Soda will tease you by standing up and laughing at you. Hit him for a star, or use your Star Punch for an instant knockout.
    • soda bottle: Soda Popinski will slurp a drink during a match to increase his health. You can hit her bottle to earn a star and cancel her move.
    • Uppercut Rage: Rage Uppercut is Soda Popinski’s signature move, where he throws 3-4 fast-paced Uppercuts. He uses this move after touching his soda bottle or after a star strike. He just dodges all 3 or 4 of his machine gun attacks, and on the last hit, he’ll slow down, use that window to do your counterattack and reset his rage.

    Remember, understanding Soda Popinski’s move set is only half the strategy. In order to truly defeat Soda, he keeps practicing and perfecting the game regularly.

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