How to beat Polterkitty in Luigi’s Mansion 3


    Polterkitty is easily one of the more annoying creepy crawlies in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Armed with three lives and two round, Polterkitty will take a long time to completely defeat. Since it’s so sneaky, Luigi will have to spend lots of time with the Dark Light just tracking Polterkitty’s steps. Once its caught, players are definitely going to want to know what to do to defeat Polterkitty for good.

    Best strategy to beat Polterkitty in Luigi’s Mansion 3

    Polterkitty shows up at several different times in Luigi’s Mansion 3, but the strategy to beat Polterkitty will always be the same. The first thing players need to do is catch Polterkitty with the Strobulb. This will cause it to transform into its more feral form.

    From here, Luigi needs to have his back turned to lure Polterkitty towards him (this gave me fun memories of facing King Boo from Super Mario World). Polterkitty will draw near and extend its claws right before it’s about to pounce; this is when Luigi should turn around and flash that Strobulb onto it. Each time Luigi does this, Polterkitty will lose one life, and she always starts off with three lives.

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    Locations for Polterkitty in Luigi’s Mansion 3

    Every time Luigi takes a life off of Polterkitty, it will flee to another part of the mansion. Here is every spot that players can find Polterkitty in order.

    • Paranormal Productions on Floor 8 in the Fire Set
    • Blooming Suite on Floor 7 within the wardrobe
    • Ivy Bathroom on Floor 7 inside the faucets
    • Weight Room on Floor 13 inside the boxing bag
    • The beach area in The Spectral Catch on Floor 12
    • Inside the casket on the stage on Floor 11

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