How to beat expert Lux – Tournament of Souls



    Though Lux may be my favorite character in the 5v5 version of the LoL, I never enjoyed a single second facing her in the expert mode of Souls of Tournament due to her erratic movement and the lethal oneshot kill ultimate ability. But, thanks to a few tips shared by in-game friends, I started beating her regularly and convincingly. So, if you are struggling to beat Lux in expert mode in Tournament of Souls, you must first equip Back Atcha ability and try to reverse the final skill of Lux promptly.

    How to Defeat Lux in Tournament of Souls – Expert Mode

    First and foremost, equip the following set of abilities for Samia before the match begins.

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    • Q Ability:  Quickshot
    • W Ability: Back Atcha
    • E Ability:  Twilight Rush
    • R Ability:  Chaotic Daybreak

    Once the match begins, use the traditional Q + E combo to get a few tick-off health points from Lux. After that, use any abilities whenever possible after their cooldown. But remember to save the Back Atcha(W ability), as it’s the only skill in your hand to reverse her one-shot kill ability. When Lux uses her ultimate skill, use the W ability at the right moment to counter her attack. The ideal time to press the W button is after she deploys her wings. Immediately use your R ability to decrease her health by another huge margin. Remember, while using your R ability, ensure that she is not using her shield ability. Being patient and repeating this process of reversing her final skill is the key to emerge victorious against Lux. 

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