How to beat expert Jhin – Tournament of Souls


    In the Tournament of Souls metagame of League of Legends, you fight against 10 powerful opponents for the championship and other rewards. After defeating Naafiri, you can unlock the battle with Jhin, the fourth champion, after reaching a minimum rep of 60. Here’s a guide on the best abilities and attack combos that’ll help you defeat this opponent.

    How to defeat Jhin on expert in Tournament of Souls

    I recommend selecting the following abilities for your character Samira before fighting Jhin on expert difficulty:

    • Q Ability: Deadshot
    • W Ability: Back Atcha
    • E Ability: Severe Strike
    • R Ability: Chaotic Daybreak

    The basic attack combo you need to follow while fighting Jhin is Q > E > Q > W. Use your ultimate ability R whenever it becomes available to deal some serious damage to your opponent. The most important thing to keep in mind while fighting Jhin is to keep an eye on the bullet counter under his HP bar on the right side.

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    Jhin has to fire three shots to reach the fourth purple bullet that’s lethal and can kill you in one blow. Use your W ability to block his fourth bullet as soon as he takes the shot. Therefore, you can use W every now and then in attack combos, but make sure you have it saved for whenever Jhin about to take the fourth shot.

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