How to beat Do As I Command! Phasmophobia Challenge


    Phasmophobia can certainly be a spooky game, but it’s not just the ghosts that make it so scary. Some of the challenges are enough to make me freeze up with fright, the latest of which is the Do As I Command! weekly challenge. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a quick and easy way to complete this challenge and earn some cash in Phasmophobia.

    How to complete Do As I Command! Challenge in Phasmophobia

    Completing the Do As I Command! weekly challenge in Phasmophobia can be challenging, but with patience and the right gear, you’ll have it done in no time. I’ve listed the equipment you will want to have with you, but you may need to change some things out in case your ghost type is different.

    • Flashlight
    • Sanity Pill
    • UV Camera
    • Utility Light
    • Ghost Writing Book

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    First, head to the chapel and use the Ouija Board. Ask “Where are you?” and note what room the ghost answers. Take your sanity pill at this point, too. Now, a nearby map lists the rooms with numbers and shows where the rooms are laid out. It can be hard to read, but you can use this to identify where the ghost room is.

    Head to the room and search for evidence such as floating orbs, fingerprints, cold temperatures, and more. You can place a video camera down if you feeling a bit scared. Make a note of this, and be sure to verify you are not dealing with a mimic. If all goes well, you should be able to identify the type of ghost within five to seven minutes. Do this three times, and you will have completed the Do as I Command! weekly challenge.

    • Do as I Command (0/3) – $3,000
      • You’ll have to force this ghost to give you evidence, luckily, we’ve found some extra items to help you out.
      • Correctly find the ghost type in Sunny Meadows.

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