How to beat Clashiversary Challenge #1 – Clash of Clans


    Supercell celebrates the 11th anniversary of the Clash of Clans by giving us Clashiversary, a new challenge event of the season. The first stage of the Clashiversary Challenge features another elaborate base design you must conquer. Achieving a flawless three-star attack isn’t easy, and I must say, I had a hard time initially. But if you’re struggling like me, we have made a guide to walk you through this challenge and conquer it with flying colors!

    Clash of Clans – Clashiversary Challenge #1 walkthrough

    To start beating the Clashiversary Challenge #1 in Clash of Clans, follow the steps in the walkthrough below:

    • Drop an Earthquake Spell on the Town Hall at the base center to damage all the buildings in this section.
    • Drop a Blimp, placing it manually between the two Scattershots on the right side of the Town Hall.
      • Drop an Invisibility Spell.
        Drop a Rage Spell.
      • Drop another Invisibility Spell, carefully timing it for the maximum effect.
      •  Drop a final Invisibility Spell, finishing up the Town Hall and the rest of the Scattershots at the base center. If you did this part correctly, you should have cleared out the inner circle of the base. If you made a mistake, you can quickly replay this section since it’s at the beginning.
    • Drop a Blimp at the bottom of the map. It’s going to start attacking the X-Bow Towers.
    • Go to the right side of the map. Drop the Warden and three Healers. He will be destroying the Grand Warden Altar and the Dark Elixir Storages behind it. Warden is a very solid support Hero with the ability to assist with the clearance of these buildings.
      • Bring your Warden back using Recall once he’s done with those three buildings.
    • Go left and drop the Skeleton spell directly on top of the Clan Castle.
    •  Go to the top and drop the Giant, Warden, and two Healers, topping them up with the Rage Spell. They should start clearing out the Monolith, two Wizard Towers, and the Bomb Tower.
      • Once they clear the four towers, they will move left towards the three Inferno Towers. Use Freeze Spell on them.
    • The Skeletons dropped at the Clan Castle should be moving onto the last Dark Elixir Storage at the bottom of the base.

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    Clashiversary Challenge #1 rewards in Clash of Clans

    Beating the Clashiversary Challenge #1 in Clash of Clans will get you the following rewards:

    • 400x Experience
    • 25x Gems
    • 1x Research potion

    It also features a very decent amount of Available Loot, giving you the following:

    • Gold: 500,000
    • Elixir: 500,000
    • Dark Elixir: 5,000

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