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    The Armored Core 6 Juggernaut fight is a tough battle early in the campaign. Armored Core 6 has a wide variety of bosses, while some are incredibly tough, others can be blindingly fast.

    The Juggernaut fight takes place on top of the wall in Operation Wallclimber, one of the first major challenges of the game. Here is our guide for the best build and how to beat the Armored Core 6 Juggernaut.

    How to beat Juggernaut in Armored Core 6: Strategy & tips

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    The Juggernaut is a large tank-like bot with an impenetrable shield on its front side. As such, the strategy here is to get around it and hit it from behind. This is easier said than done, as the Juggernaut is surprisingly nimble for a giant tank.

    Thankfully, you start the fight with some help, as V.IV Rusty helps you out. That said, Rusty leaves the fight about halfway through, so you need to be ready to take the Juggernaut down by yourself. Rusty’s AC is a fast and nimble mech, which is a clue for how you should build yours for this fight.

    With the build detailed below, you will be more than capable of manoeuvring around the Juggernaut with ease and attacking from behind. You should keep in the air as much as you can, as the Juggernaut spreads a lot of mines around on the ground.

    The missile launchers in the build have the added benefit of flying up and coming straight down on the enemy, which in the case of the Juggernaut completely bypasses the shield.

    Keep working to get behind the Juggernaut, and when you are, smack it with everything. Especially your sword, it does the most damage at this point and goes a long way towards staggering the boss.

    Best build for Juggernaut fight in Armored Core 6

    Rusty's AC before the Juggernaut fight in Armored Core 6

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    Here are the parts that you’ll want to equip if you’re looking for the best mech for Juggernaut in Armored Core 6:


    Part Type Part
    R-ARM SG-026 HALDEMAN (Shotgun)
    L-ARM HI-32: BU-TT/A (Pulse Blade)
    R-BACK BML-G1/P20MLT-04 (Missile Launcher)
    L-BACK BML-G1/P20MLT-04 (Missile Launcher)


    Part Type Part


    Part Type Part
    FCS FC-006 ABBOT

    The build is pretty minimal in terms of importance here, this is an early fight so you won’t have access to any high-level parts just yet. From the starting build of the game, we’re really only changing the legs of the AC to the KASUAR reverse joint legs.

    Your main damage dealers are your sword and the shotgun, both at close range. When the Juggernaut is at a distance, launch your missiles to hit it from above. The build is as simple as the strategy, but so long as you stick to it the Juggernaut doesn’t stand a chance.

    That is it for our Armored Core 6 Juggernaut boss fight guide. For more on the game, head to our Armored Core 6 homepage, or check out our Armored Core 6 Balteus boss fight guide.


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