How to beat Ancano in Skyrim – Best Methods



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    The final boss of the College of Winterhold questline in Skyrim is Ancano, and he’s a tricky one to defeat. Instead of going straight up to him and whacking him with your weapon, you’ll need to make him vulnerable first.

    How to defeat Ancano in Skyrim

    When you get to Ancano, you’ll see he has a protective bubble around him, making him impervious to damage. All is not lost, however, as you should have the Staff of Magnus with you. Instead of hitting him when the fight starts, set your sights on the big orb. Drain its energy with the staff, and if you run out of charges for the staff use some Soul Gems to get it filled back up.

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    When you finish doing this, Ancano will become vulnerable. This means you can start attacking him like any enemy up to this point in the game. He’s still powerful with his spells, so be careful of that. However, the hard part is now out of the way, and you can wipe him out.

    Tips for beating Ancano in Skyrim

    With him being a spellcaster, it can be difficult for melee-focused players to get in close. If you’re equipped with some Magic resist gear things will be much easier. If you’re a ranged player, you’ll have a lot easier time with this fight, as is the case with much of Skyrim. All in all, he’s not too terribly difficult to beat, especially if you’re making good use of your save files.

    When he falls, you’ll wrap up the College of Winterhold questline and move on to other parts of the game. There’s a lot to do in Skyrim, and mods to use, but not everything is as hard as Ancano is.

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