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    The first goal in most BitLife challenges is to be born in one place or another. If the places are a particular city, it becomes quite simple as you have to choose that city as your birthplace from the list of available cities. But sometimes, developers may require you to create a character from a particular state or country. In such cases, instead of looking for the name of the state or country in the list of places of birth, you must choose a city that belongs to that state or country to complete the objective.

    Along those lines, the latest Deliverance Challenge requires players to create a male character out of Louisana. Since Louisana is a state, by default, you cannot choose a state as your place of birth. We must choose a city in Louisana, such as New Orleans, to complete the objective.

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    How to create a character from Louisana in BitLife

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Open BitLife on your respective mobile platforms and hit the three stripes icon at the top left of the screen. Click on the New life button from the long list of options. Give your character a name. Since we are discussing the Deliverance challenge, choose male as your starting gender for your avatar and select New Orleans like your birthplace. hit the start life button and start your adventure. Also, be sure to purchase the Landlord Expansion Pack before you start focusing on any objectives, as the challenge revolves around the DLC.

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