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    Arm Wrestle Simulator is one of the most popular idle clicker games on the Roblox platform. Like most games in the genre, the main goal is to gain strength and defeat AI bosses by clicking. While mouse clicking is fun during the initial phase, it gets repetitive and tedious after a while. Even the default option Autotrain or Auto Fight requires you to move your mouse every 15 minutes. Otherwise, it will reset you to the lobby. To avoid these situations and continually click within Arm Wrestle Simulator, you can use one of two things: automatic clicker and TinyTask.

    How to Activate Auto Clicker in Arm Wrestle Simulator – Roblox

    The best way to continuously click without worrying about being AFK in Arm Wrestle Simulator is to purchase the auto click option for 800 Robux. You can find the option under the click bar when fighting any boss.

    Once you have purchased the auto-click feature, you can turn it on along with the auto-fight option to click forever and continue farming your wins or event eggs without getting turned off.

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    The second method to the farm wins, event eggsand even strength without spending a single penny on Roblox is to use third party software called TinyTask. It is a popular lightweight Auto Clicker app used by various idle clickers for auto clicking. The software allows you to automatically click by recording your previous set of key combinations/mouse inputs and repeat it. Remember, the app is only available on a PC. Therefore, the method is not applicable to mobile or Xbox gamers.

    Is TinyTask legal on Roblox?

    Tiny Task or any other Auto Clicker is not allowed inside the game as it is against Roblox and developer policies. Continued use of such apps may lead to a permanent account ban. Neither Pro Game Guide nor the author promotes/endorses the use of such software. Consider the guide as a piece of informational/educational content about Arm Wrestle Simulator.

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