How To Actually Win A Fishing Contest (Love Doesn’t Hurt)



    Tips on how to catch five fish and win the fishing competition (the most frustrating part of the game)!

    You’ll need a chef as your hypeman.

    If you’re like me and most Moon players, you absolutely dread Gamakatsu’s fishing competition. Maybe you’re level 29 with 1 love to complete the game 100% (like I was).

    Odds are you’re considering giving up, continuing to the end of the game without it and forgetting about the achievement, maybe you’re fighting the urge to break something because you won the fishing contest. Too much time has been wasted trying to. . I’m going to relieve your frustration and help you achieve that success, because this trick makes it easy to catch the five fish required under the time limit.

    1. Before we start, make sure you buy an Octopus from the guy in the cave near Tropical Fields. Also, make sure you have plenty of fishing bait (karikeri worms). I’d say around 10 should be a safe bet. It’s not a bad idea to make sure you have a decent amount of money as well.
    2. Since Gamakatsu holds a competition every solar day, make sure you go to sleep during the day on Echoday. Try to time it so you can wake up later on Echoday night.
    3. Once you wake up, rush to the Wild Cat House Restaurant (the area where Birdman sits with his guitar).
    4. Upon arriving at the Wild Cat, immediately talk to Kliss, when she asks you what you would like to eat, order. Crackery Big Sooty 300 for Enum. The chef, Kenji, will point out that this dish can improve your fishing skills and is a favorite of Gamakatsu. Well, he is absolutely right.
    5. Once you have eaten, exit the restaurant and immediately eat the octopus you bought earlier. This will save you time in going to the competition. The octolips will take you back to your home, use the flower (pistle) to land you in the tropical fields, and book you into the competition area of ​​Shell Whale Cove as fast as you can!
    6. After entering the competition, you will find that you are no longer catching junk and you can catch many fish in a short period of time. Remember, you are needed Five To get the love of fish Gamakatsu, but it should not be a problem thanks to the sautee.
    7. Finally, after catching five fish and winning the contest, Gamakatsu will give you 1 love (I know, ridiculous) and 250 Yenum.

    This method has always worked for me and has helped me pass this part of the game with such ease many times.



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