How The Watcher Sets Up Season 2


The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of The Watcher, now streaming on Netflix.

from netflix the vigilant it certainly throws fans down the rabbit hole in its first season as everyone tries to dissect who is behind the mysterious letters being sent to the Brannock family. Dean (Bobby Cannavale) and Nora (Naomi Watts) are subjected to emotional and physical torture, but what makes things more sadistic is how their children are also affected. This stalker even kills young Carter’s pet ferret, making it clear that the family is not safe in their New Jersey mansion.

Even more heartbreaking is that the show doesn’t end with any closure, given that the real-world story it’s based on remains unresolved. This allows showrunner Ryan Murphy to take a lot of creative liberties, tying together what is essentially a haunting and tense soap opera. Interestingly, the series concludes with more suspense, fear, terror, and drama to come in suburban Westfield, with one or more Watchmen committing crimes for their own gain.

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The Watcher Season 2 may bring back the original

Dean becomes obsessed with trying to find this stalker in Season 1, to the point that it cost him his job and almost cost him his family. He eventually sells the house, but has been seen procrastinating, watching the new family as they receive the same letter everyone who moves gets. Therefore, Season 2 may focus on the real Watcher stalking this family, with Dean returning to discover his true identity.

Even without the Brannocks, the show may have this villain wreaking a new brand of cerebral havoc, sending current owners into a panic. Old suspects like John, Mo and Mitch, Pearl and the architect’s teacher/lover Roger still have so many sinister traits that any one of them could be the tyrant, but new faces can also be introduced to enrich the game.

The second season of The Watcher may end Dean and Nora

Nora’s art career has finally taken off, so she’s happy to make money from her pottery in New York and drop the investigation. However, Dean is still obsessed and insecure, as he doesn’t like that he is no longer a support and protector. His therapist even warns him to let go, but Nora sees him spying on the house to end the season.

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Knowing that he sent her a letter to force a sale before the debt piled up might push Nora to break up with her once and for all. This would leave Dean with the case as his sole purpose, pushing him to find the stalker. Also, he would love to identify the mysterious girl who snuck in, resulting in a trap for him.

The Watcher Season 2 May Relive Theodora’s Clues

Theodora helps Dean and Nora with the case, but sadly, the private investigator dies of cancer. Before that, she also tried to help Dean let go of the pain, framing herself as the Watcher, the previous owner who just wanted to buy the house back on the cheap. But while Dean and Nora find out it’s all a lie and she’s not a villain, that doesn’t mean Theodora can’t be there spiritually in Season 2.

Dean could get more clues from the job she left behind, which may result in him going on the hunt again. He would be stalking his former neighbors to see if he can touch them, which would be easier since he apologized and won them over after leaving town. Nora may even join in, according to evidence, paving the way for her and Dean to reconcile, which is what Theodora wanted all along.

The second season of The Watcher may turn Dean into a villain

Now, it’s obvious that Dean is wearing himself out mentally. He has written letters and threatened the neighbors to make them feel as he felt in the mansion. He has a dark side. Nora recognizes him, which is why she wants him in therapy. He just hates how he tried to scare her and her kids.

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Whether he leaves or not, it’s easy to see this new Dean sending letters to the current owners, intending them to run away and sell the house at a loss. He would turn Dean into the very monster he hates, but would also remind viewers how selfish he can be. Further, it would illustrate that the Watcher is some kind of curse, as Dean already lies and tells the new owner that he lives nearby and that he will be watching.

The Watcher Season 2 May Bring Karen Back

Karen, the real estate agent who became friends with Nora, was playing with her the whole time, wanting to get the house at a reduced price. However, since she was attacked by the Watcher (which is assumed to be Nora) and her dog was killed, she might come back to take revenge on her. She didn’t like having to sell the house to the new owners to finish Season 1, so she could become the new Watcher, wanting the place back.

There’s even a chance she could redeem herself, working with the Brannocks to find out who got her dream home in the first place. Karen finally knows what they endured, so this might help her and Nora settle her feud at last. Since Nora doesn’t like to take on any life forms, it’s entirely possible that Karen has met the real Watcher, so she would have clues that she would be worth extracting from her.

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The Watcher Season 2 May Expose John Graff

Season 1 has a terrifying side arc about John, a previous owner, killing his family at the mansion after he went bankrupt years earlier. He supposedly went undercover to uphold Westfield’s reputation, but John has been stalking the house. He pretended to be a building inspector to sow confusion in Dean’s personal life and has been pretending to be William at the conservation society while he was working with Pearl.

It seems that she helped him use the tunnels to sneak into the mansion and scare off the Brannocks. So season 2 could once again find them up to mischief if they don’t think the new owners are worthy. However, if John is late, he will invite Dean to catch him and expose how the killer has been hiding all this time in the city, making a nod to Murphy’s work on Netflix with Dahmer. Since Dean loves his children, he definitely wants John to be brought to justice for shooting his family dead and running from him like a coward.

See how a season 2 is set up for The Watcher, now available on Netflix.

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