How She-Hulk’s Finale Almost Blew Up Over Kevin Feige’s Baseball Cap


Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige appeared at the She-Hulk: Lawyer finale, not as a studio executive, but as an omnipotent artificial intelligence named KEVIN. However, the head of Marvel clashed with she-hulk head writer Jessica Gao so intensely that the show nearly flopped, and all because of a cap.

In an interview with the hollywood reporter Gao explained that his initial proposal to have Feige do the voice of KEVIN was unsuccessful, but the conversation turned to whether or not KEVIN should wear Feige’s iconic baseball cap. Gao stated, “In the first draft, I described the robot as an Akira encountering an AI robot/brain similar to HAL 9000, and the script specifically said that he wears a small black baseball cap on top.” Previous and concept artists depicted KEVIN in the baseball cap, but Feige dismissed it saying, “Well, that doesn’t make any sense. Why would a robot wear a hat?”

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She-Hulk crossed the limits

Gao was baffled that after introducing the rest of the episode, in which She-Hulk walks through the audience’s Disney+ menus, makes her way through the Marvel Studios lot, and runs into Kevin Feige only to realize that is a robot. robot in a baseball cap that turned out too much. Feige responded, “Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. So he shouldn’t have a hat.” Gao then joked in front of the entire writers room that if Feige didn’t let him put a hat on that robot, he would quit. Feige responded with a dry, “Thank you very much, Jessica. You’ve done a great job for us, and we really appreciate it all.”

Gao was not actually fired as a result of this meeting and went on to oversee the creation of all nine episodes of she-hulk. KEVIN’s final design is a happy medium between a baseball cap and no baseball cap at all, with a curved piece of metal over the top of KEVIN’s robot face to simply evoke a baseball cap.

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Despite Feige’s reservations, Gao also explained that he was incredibly supportive of Feige. she-hulkMarvel’s series finale is so unusual and moves away from the “big villain brawl” that Marvel endings are known for. However, the final sequence went through a series of revisions before being filmed. Gao previously revealed that the team even considered letting an actor like George Clooney or Jon Hamm play the head of Marvel Studios.

The nine episodes of She-Hulk: Lawyer are now streaming on Disney+.

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