How Reigen Arataka Became a Fan-Favorite Character


When it involves shonen anime, the characters who possess an incredulous quantity of energy sometimes obtain probably the most consideration. Rightfully so, since they’re those who dish out many of the wonderful struggle scenes that hype the viewers. Mob Psycho 100 isn’t any exception to this, particularly with a important character who can arguably crush everybody else within the story. Interestingly, nevertheless, one character within the collection boasts a good increased recognition than the protagonist.

Shigeo Kageyama, extra generally referred to as Mob, possesses psychic powers highly effective sufficient to destroy buildings with ease. The catch, nevertheless, is that his skills are immediately affected by his feelings. As such, he consistently retains himself in examine. But regardless of his very good psychic powers, Mob decides to hunt apprenticeship beneath a just about powerless being: Reigen Arataka.

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Mob’s Mentor Reigen Arataka Is a Conman – With a Heart

The solely cause Reigen Arataka grew to become Mob’s mentor is that he’s overwhelmingly good at conning different folks. His important shtick is pretending to exorcise evil spirits; he principally cares about incomes cash and has no qualms about manipulating his purchasers to earn his hold. The solely cause he accepted Mob as an apprentice is the boy’s psychic powers. Arataka makes use of him as an worker and sends him to exorcise actual evil spirits, whereas he himself rakes within the compensation for the job properly achieved. But regardless of his shady modus operandi, Arataka is surprisingly a kindhearted particular person.

Although he technically cons most of his purchasers, Arataka solely accepts cost after resolving their points in a extra typical method. For occasion, he makes use of his photograph enhancing expertise to “exorcise” the evil spirit in cursed images, giving his purchasers a considerably passable outcome. And regardless of his questionable teachings, he’s an honest guardian for Mob. He has even confirmed on a number of events that he truly cares about Mob’s wellbeing by placing himself at risk in an effort to save him.

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Why Mob Psycho 100 Fans Love the Powerless Arataka

This stark distinction in Arataka’s character is the first cause he has entranced Mob Psycho 100 viewers. Despite his lack of supernatural powers, he possesses unparalleled charisma and fast wits. He can provide you with distinctive options to even the direst issues, garnering followers’ awe.

Being a well-animated character, Arataka can also be a favourite theme of memes and on-line content material. His outrageous expressions are at all times nice comedy content material and his bizarre antics are entertaining to look at. Great recognition in the end comes with excessive probabilities of being shipped with different characters, and Reigen will not be exempt from that. Fans ship him not solely to his coworker Serizawa, however even to the evil spirit Dimple.

Reigen Arataka might not possess energy that may equal Mob, however he’s undeniably one of the widespread characters in Mob Psycho 100. The stark distinction between his goofiness and reliability vastly will increase his charisma, whereas his over-the-top reactions are nice inspirations for web content material. Of course, the truth that he’s an truly respectable particular person vastly helps his recognition. After all, he solely cons harmless folks by giving them passable service. It may even be argued that he’s getting underpaid for what he’s passionately doing.

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