How Radagast Accidentally Helped Saruman


With Gandalf and Saruman being the most involved wizards during The Lord of the rings, most fans are wondering what Radagast and the two blue wizards were doing. While much is unknown about the blue wizards, Radagast has been mentioned quite a bit throughout Tolkien’s work, including the revelation that Saruman had exploited his friendship to try to gain power over Middle-earth.

Radagast is often described as a gentle soul, someone who prefers to spend time with nature and animals rather than people. Although his performance in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit The trilogy is somewhat over the top, still showing his love for the forests and his duty to care for them. It is this kindness that makes him so different from Saruman, but it also makes him susceptible to lies and deception.

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Radagast accidentally captured Gandalf

When Gandalf arrives in Rivendell for the Council of Elrond, he explains why he has been missing for so long. It is revealed that Saruman has sided with the Dark Lord and that Gandalf was held prisoner in Isengard for a long time. But Gandalf also mentions how it was Radagast who sent him there, unaware of the evil plans his friend Saruman had been preparing.

Just a few months before Frodo left the Shire, Saruman found Radagast and asked for his help. Using Radagast’s birds, he had the wizard search for Gandalf in the northern parts of Middle-earth, claiming that he simply needed his help to fight Sauron. Radagast thought nothing of it and searched for months until finally he and Gandalf came across each other near Bree. After sharing the warnings of the Nazgûl, he sent the gray wizard on his way to Isengard, along with several birds to report news of the war. The two set off, and Radagast unwittingly sent Gandalf to have him captured.

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Radagast left during The Lord of the Rings

Radagast sent a giant eagle to Isengard, where Gandalf was lucky enough to be rescued and returned to Rivendell. It is likely that after this the eagle returned to Radagast and reported Saruman’s betrayal, causing great guilt in the sympathetic wizard. But after this, Radagast is never seen or mentioned in the rest of The Lord of the ringsand his actions after the war are completely unknown.

It’s quite possible that by accidentally helping Saruman, Radagast thought it best to stay out of it all. It is even mentioned that scouts were sent to Radagast’s house in Rhosgobel, only to find him missing. And whether he helped fight the war or not, he would eventually have to leave Middle-earth with the elves. The wizards were sent to Middle Earth to defeat Sauron, and with that completed, their time was up. He could choose to keep his forests and animals if he wanted, but his powers would diminish over time and he would succumb to the same fate as all men.

While little is known about Radagast compared to most The Lord of the rings characters, the little details paint a clear picture of who he was. Like the Hobbits, Radagast found solace in nature and living a simple life, which makes it all the more depressing that Saruman took advantage of his kindness. And it may very well explain his absence from the story.

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