How Many People Does Pennywise Kill in the Stephen King Films?


When it comes to comparing monster movie bogeymen, the body count is one way to objectively keep score. Everyone has their favorites and horror movies, like any other genre, are always subject to the whims of opinion. But the sheer number of bodies they amass at least offers some hard numbers with which to start a comparison.

Pennywise, Stephen King’s monstrous clown IT’S and a perennial favorite among conversations of this nature, it may have entered a whole new level. Because while his on-screen body count is nothing to write home about, the story pretty much establishes that he’s killed plenty more in his time. He is effectively immortal: a part of the city of Derry, Maine, since his creation. As such, he has had time to rack up a staggering number of kills. One fan crunched the numbers and came up with a surprisingly high number: Pennywise could have killed tens of thousands.

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How does Pennywise kill?

According to Stephen King’s novel, Pennywise is an unfathomably ancient creature. He is present in the area when the fictional city of Derry was established in the early 1700s and begins to feed on the local population. The evil hibernates for approximately 27 years before awakening, at which point he begins to stalk and kill victims, usually children. Apparently every cycle is triggered by a major tragedy or act of violence and ends the same way. The “Losers Club” finally destroys the monster as an adult in 1985, which the two filmed adaptations update to reflect the respective periods in which they were made.

In itself, Pennywise’s murders are gruesome, but not numerous. The 1990 miniseries shows nine total deaths, with a slightly higher number suggested in director Andy Muschietti’s 2017 and 2019 two-movie adaptation. But many of the seemingly incidental acts of violence that trigger Pennywise’s awakening are also left to him. they can attribute. That includes things like the “Black Spot” fire and the Kitchener Ironworks explosion, which claimed a significant number of lives and where Pennywise always seemed to be present. Extrapolating that number puts Pennywise’s kill count into the stratosphere.

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Pennywise kills add up over time

angelholme Redditor he starts with a base number of people killed during the various events referenced in the novel and extrapolates them based on some of the characters’ calculations as they try to determine how many people IT has eaten. The result was between 1,200 and 1,800 deaths each time Pennywise appears: including seemingly incidental events, such as The Black Spot fire, which often killed hundreds. The number is then multiplied by the number of times Pennywise has woken up, once every 27 years throughout Derry’s 270-year history, which equals ten times, to arrive at a final count of 12,000. and 18,000 dead.

It gets worse. Those numbers don’t take into account events that aren’t widely reported or known to the novel’s protagonists. Pennywise’s influence over Derry is such that the town’s citizens have a way of ignoring suspected crimes or conducting perfunctory investigations into them. Factoring out those numbers could further increase the monster’s kill total.

In a way, that makes the gruesome comparison unfair. No matter how many movies they appear in, figures like Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees can only kill their victims one at a time. Pennywise has co-opted an entire town to help him through her indifference and cruelty, coupled with her immortal status and her early advantage over her more modern competition. Regardless, her body count rivals that of entire wars. Far from also being a corrido, Pennywise’s estimated kill count leaves King’s terrifying clown as the bogeyman to beat when it comes to casualties.

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