How many heists will be in PAYDAY 3 at launch?



    How many heists will be in PAYDAY 3 at launch?

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    How many heists in PAYDAY 3 will have is the first question any fans of the longstanding series will be asking themselves before the game releases later this year. The games are four-player, first-person shooters all about heisting and going on the rob. The scale of the heists gradually increases as you progress through the game, offering you and your crew fresh obstacles to consider. 

    How you tackle each of the heists will be up to you and your friends, figuring out the approach will be part of the struggle. So, let’s dive into how many heists are in PAYDAY 3, and what we know about them so far. 

    How many heists will be in PAYDAY 3? 

    New York as it appears in PAYDAY 3

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    At the PAYDAY 3 preview, we were told that the game would initially launch with 8 heists. This is four less than the previous game launched with. When we spoke with Almir Listo, Brand Director and Head of Community, he said “PAYDAY: The Heist launched with six heists. PAYDAY 2 launched with 12, although they were fairly smaller than they were in PAYDAY: The Heist.”

    We also found out there would be more heists added to the game after launch, with the game receiving 18 months of post-launch content. However, the details on this were not shared with us just yet. We will have to wait until we are closer to launch for more information.

    The initial 8 heists will all be located in New York, with the two we saw during our preview being located in a Downtown NYC bank, and the other in an Art Gallery beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.

    A third heist was revealed at Gamescom 2023, themed around rapper Iced T. In it, we see the gang infiltrate an area filled with shipping containers.

    Although we don’t know much about the proposed post-launch content, Starbreeze did confirm future heists will look to explore different parts of the world, leaving the Big Apple.

    If you can’t wait for PAYDAY 3 then be sure to check out everything else we have on the next instalment in the series. Until then, keep reading GGRecon.



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