How long does Immortals of Aveum take to beat? Story length, completionist, more


    You might be wondering how long does Immortals of Aveum take to beat, as it is important to understand the story and completionist length so you can dedicate the correct amount of time. It’s a normal reaction with any new game, especially here with the game being a new IP.

    You will play as Jak in Immortals of Aveum, following his story to become a powerful magic wielder and hopefully turn the tide of the war that’s been raging on for generations. You are accompanied by an eclectic cast of characters, who will help guide you towards your eventual goal.

    Despite being a first-person shooter (FPS) the game is completely single-player, with a focus on magic instead of guns. So there isn’t much for you to do once you’ve finished exploring the world and all that is has to offer.

    Here is all you need to know about how long Immortals of Aveum takes to beat, as we’ve got the story length and completionist times waiting for you below.

    How long is Immortals of Aveum?

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    Immortals of Aveum is a modestly sized gaming, taking between 20-25 hours for the average playthrough. If you’re more committed and wish to see it all – collecting all the rings and Sigils along the way – then a completionist run will take you to around the 40-hour mark.

    That’s all there is to know about how long Immortals of Aveum will take to beat. To ensure you can race through the game, make sure to find out how to solve the puzzle door as well as how to slow down platforms.

    We also had the opportunity to sit down with the director of the game to discuss the release, and you can also check out our four star review, where we describe it as “a game about ambition” that is defined by its own unique identity. 

    Looking for even more content? Check out our Immortals of Aveum homepage for all of the latest guides.


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