How Kyojuro Rengoku Captured Fans’ Hearts in Such a Short Time


At this point, the name Kyojuro Rengoku is one that virtually every anime fan is aware of and holds in the highest regard. One would think that with the recognition Rengoku has received, he would be one of the main characters in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer, But this is far from the truth. In fact, he only really appears during the Mugen Train arc. That said, Rengoku’s influence on the anime community is staggering, and it’s no wonder he was able to pull it off.

From the beginning, his charisma is evident. He speaks loudly, directly, with confidence and truthfulness. His gaze is always direct and forward. Even his appearance is a testament to her fiery presence. She is the embodiment of the fire element, full of life and passion. His conversations with Tanjiro and his friends always inspire confidence and security, as if just being close to him, everyone is fine.

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The ‘Big Brother’ in a Living Nightmare

Rengoku’s willingness to help Tanjiro and Nezuko is one of the most important things he has going for him. In the previous arc, Nezuko’s demonic fights are completely dismissed by the other Hashira, with one of them even physically damaging her. However, in the Mugen Train arc, Kyojuro believes that Nezuko is worth saving and even offers to help Tanjiro perfect the fire-breathing style. He manages to show more compassion towards the Kamado brothers’ plight than even Giyu.

Obviously, the fighting prowess of the mighty pillar of flames should also be mentioned. He is shown facing the Upper Moon Three, Akaza, while defending the train. Although he ultimately loses the fight with Akaza, he is not defeated. His mastery of the flame style is evident in his powerful punches and punches, which deal massive damage to Akaza. When Akaza manages to gouge out one of Kyojuro’s eyes and impale him through the sternum, he barely does anything to stop the freight train that is Kyojuro’s will to fight and protect those around him. Kyojuro prevents Akaza from harming any of his comrades or any of the passengers on the train, completing his mission, despite Akaza’s immortality and instant regenerative healing. This is a truly remarkable feat.

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Lastly, Kyojuro’s backstory allows the audience to connect with him on a more human level. His father was the former pillar of the flame, leaving him with very big shoes to fill, along with the emotional abuse and neglect that said father inflicted on him. He also had to protect, and essentially raise, his little brother instead of his father. Through all of this, he remained optimistic and determined, not allowing his trauma to define his actions.

It doesn’t take much to explain why Kyojuro Rengoku has become many Murderer of demons the fan favorite character. The man is the embodiment of all the positive traits that make a strong leader and a good person. The loss of him continues to be felt by the anime community and will no doubt be felt as the anime continues into subsequent arcs.

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