How Is Black Adam Related to Shazam?


The following contains spoilers for Black Adam, currently in theaters.

DC Extended Universe introduces a new supervillain/antihero in its latest movie, black adam. However, he seems to have a lot in common with an existing superhero: Shazam. Black Adam says the same magic word to surrender and take the power back from him. He can also fly and shoot lightning. One can’t help but wonder what exactly is Black Adam’s connection to Shazam.

Black Adam is the predecessor of Shazam

What black adam explains, Teth-Adam received his power from the wizarding council itself. In the comics, he was chosen by the wizard Shazam, who chose Billy Batson to be his champion 5,000 years later. Unlike Billy, Teth-Adam got his powers from the Egyptian gods: Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen. However, Shazam’s power came from other mythical heroes: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.

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The comics initially saw Teth-Adam being corrupted by his power and becoming a supervillain. In the film, Teth-Adam was not Shazam’s chosen champion; instead, his son was chosen and then transferred the power to Teth-Adam to protect him. Teth-Adam then avenged the death of his family and was imprisoned for 5,000 years. Unlike Billy Batson’s Shazam, Black Adam is much more brutal and violent. Although they share the same symbol and similar costumes and even have identical superpowers, they are not the same.

Is a Black Adam Shazam crossover happening?

The answer is yes. Black Adam actor Dwayne Johnson recently confirmed that the crossover between his godly antihero and Shazam is “going to happen.” However, they first had to get each superhero’s origin story right. Previously, Johnson revealed that the original script for black adam initially “had both [Black Adam and Shazam] establishing their origin stories in one movie.” The actor had to fight hard for the two characters to “have their own separate movies.”

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When will Black Adam face Shazam?

In the comics, the two divine super beings of the same origin have crossed paths many times. In fact, Black Adam went toe-to-toe with the Shazam family, challenging them over their shared power source. Billy was still a kid learning about his super power. Black Adam, on the other hand, was an ancient being.

Shazam! fury of the gods Director David F. Sandberg previously confirmed that the confrontation between Black Adam and Shazam would not be in the second installment of Shazam as Johnson got his own standalone movie to set the tone for Black Adam and Shazam! two I would do the same. However, it would be possible to see it happening in Shazam 3 either black adam 2.

To meet Shazam’s predecessor, Black Adam is currently in theaters.

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