How Heists Work in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 8


    Whether you’re an experienced player or just getting started, heists are a great way to quickly unlock huge bonuses in Teamfight Tactics, but they do require a bit of preparation. Here’s how heists work in TFT, and how you can trigger one yourself.

    Teamfight Tactics Heists

    Trigger a heist

    To start a heist, you will need to activate the underground trait. You can do this by simply placing three underground units on the board. If you don’t have three underground units, emblems or augments that provide underground reinforcements or act as placeholder underground units will also work.

    Units that will offer the underground trait include:

    • kayle
    • ezreal
    • sona
    • Saw
    • samira

    playing a heist

    Each heist consists of ten locks that are cracked through game rounds. When you only have three underground units on the board, you will break two locks with each win and three with each loss. If you increase the number of underground units to five, you will break three locks if you win and five if you lose.

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    You may have noticed that more locks are opened by losing rounds than by winning them. This means you’ll have to be, well, tactical (pardon the pun) and balance your wins and losses or accept that it will take more rounds before you break enough locks to open a vault.

    Once you have cracked ten or more locks, you will get a vault. Inside the vault are rewards and you can choose to continue the heist or cut and run with the available rewards.

    If he goes through with the heist, he will repeat the process of cracking at least ten locks. However, the rewards for the next unlocked lock will be better than the first lock, and the rewards will continue to improve as you complete more heists.

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