How does the Affinity system work in Darkest Dungeon 2


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    Darkest Dungeon 2 is the sequel to acclaimed game Darkest Dungeon, and both expands on its predecessor’s systems and adds all-new features. The game’s dark and brutal world certainly takes its toll on the player, but now it does so on its characters in a new and impactful way. This is the new Affinity system, and for those confused, here’s how it works:

    How the Affinity system works in Darkest Dungeon 2

    The Affinity system refers to the relationships formed by individual characters. As the group travels together, they will share ideas or clash in their opinions. This system can both hinder and help the player depending on how the characters feel about one another. Many different things can influence this relationship. Think of it as a very dark dating sim mechanic…

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    Positive relationship effects will be noted by the color yellow, while negative will be blue. 

    How to game the Affinity system in Darkest Dungeon 2

    As the player travels on the road, they will come across encounters that require a decision. 

    Characters may voice their opinion, and the player’s choice will affect how those characters feel. During the battle, characters can become jealous or thankful for their companions’ actions.

    If a character strikes a death blow on an enemy, another character may feel stubbed. Similarly, if one character were to heal or defend a party member, another may feel they deserved or needed it instead. On the opposite end, a character may be thankful for their support or congratulate them on a well-struck blow.

    The Affinity system in Darkest Dungeon 2 has a certain amount of RNG but can be manipulated to an extent. When players feel that a character may react negatively to a choice, they can differ from that to prevent the negative reaction. Additionally, the player can use certain items at the inn to strengthen the two characters’ bonds. Should two characters fully develop a negative relationship, it can be very bad for your chances of survival.

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