How do you keep the water from freezing in Dwarf Fortress?


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    In Dwarf Fortress, embarking on cold or icy biomes can create difficulties for you in the winter months. When the surface water freezes, you’ll run out of fresh water for your dwarves, and while the average dwarf can survive on alcohol alone, injured dwarves and children need water to survive. Here’s how to prevent the water from freezing in Dwarf Fortress.

    Prevent water from freezing by making it count as “inside”

    Water will only freeze in cold biomes if it is designated as “outside”. As a result, you can prevent water sources from freezing if they are covered by a roof or redirected underground. With murky rivers and ponds, this can be as simple as building a roof over them with floors or walls. Note that for cloudy pools, this will prevent them from refilling with rainwater, so it is only a temporary fix.

    Also, you can create your own water sources by designating a Well or Pond and telling the dwarves to fill it with water. To do this, use the Zones function to designate a Well or Pond. You will need to have at least one square on a floor next to an “open space”. You can then designate this area as a pond. This means that the dwarves will use buckets to throw water into it. Use it to create an artificial well inside your fort that can be used as a water source.

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    Other sources of water?

    Keep in mind that there are easier ways to find thawing water in your stronghold than building roofs, redirecting rivers, or digging wells. Digging can reveal unusual caverns, sometimes containing water, ponds, and other items. These areas will not freeze without exceptional intervention, so they can be relied on as a somewhat safe source of water. Alternatively, if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can tap into an aquifer as a nearly limitless water source.

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