How a Missing Page Skewed Readers’ View of Batman: The Long Halloween


In the newest Comic Book Legends Revealed, see how a lacking web page skewed how readers learn Batman: The Long Halloween

Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed! This is the eight hundred and sixty-fifth installment the place we look at three comic book legends and decide whether or not they’re true or false. As ordinary, there will likely be three posts, one for every of the three legends. Click right here for the primary legend on this all-Batman installment of legends. Click right here for half two of this all-Batman installment of legends.

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Alberto Falcone’s “body” was initially supposed to seem in Batman: The Long Halloween.



Batman: The Long Halloween was a year-long sequence by Jeph Loeb and the late, nice Tim Sale that noticed Gotham City caught within the grip of the so-called Holiday killer, who, nicely, you recognize, killed individuals on holidays, like these guys getting killed on Valentine’s Day…

and the Holiday killer then left behind a token symbolizing the vacation in query…

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One of the primary suspects in Batman: The Long Halloween was Alberto Falcone, the seeming nebbishly son of gangster, Carmine Falcone. However, within the fourth challenge, one of many prime suspects appeared to be taken off of the game board when Falcone gave the impression to be killed…

And then his physique fell from the boat on New Year’s Eve…

Batman confronts Falcone on the grave of his son within the subsequent challenge…

In Batman: The Long Halloween #10, the Gotham City coroner is murdered…

In the subsequent challenge, Alberto Falcone’s aunt is investigating the Coroner’s workplace when she, too, is murdered…

This, after all, was a part of overlaying up the truth that Alberto Falcon was truly alive! He had faked his loss of life!

Whether Alberto actually was the one Holiday killer within the comedian (or if maybe there have been MULTIPLE Holiday killers), that is an entire different story, however the primary factor is that one of many components of the plot that folks clung to upon nonetheless pondering that Alberto was the killer is that when he was “killed,” there was no physique! When Wizard made a listing of suspects, they included Alberto and particularly talked about the shortage of a physique. The humorous factor, although, is that the shortage of a physique was not initially supposed!

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In the commerce paperback assortment of Batman: The Long Halloween, there’s a web page the place Alberto’s physique WAS discovered! Obviously, it wasn’t truly Alberto (and the coroner knew that, which is why Alberto needed to kill him), however there WAS a physique, as Loeb and Sale clearly DID anticipate that folks can be asking that query in regards to the lack of a physique. The web page that Sale drew with the physique simply occurred to not make its approach into the printed comedian e book…

It’s fascinating to see that there have been pages like that that didn’t make it into the completed comedian e book. I’d have thought that Sale would not have gone by way of the hassle of drawing a web page if it wasn’t undoubtedly going to make it into the completed comedian e book, as this is not like a sitcom, the place you movie X and reduce it down for the ultimate product. Here, he needed to do further work for it to only not be used.


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