Housing Complex C’s 10 Bravest Characters


Housing Complex C is a Japanese anime that premiered in October 2022 on Adult Swim’s Toonami. Although the anime is only four episodes long, it is packed with scares and creepy themes that keep the audience on the edge of their seat.

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Housing Complex C follows the story of Kimi Shirokada, a nine-year-old girl who lives in a housing complex in Kurosaki. She befriends Yuri Koshide, who moves into the village along with fishing interns from the Middle East. Soon, a series of strange events take place, from dead animals and missing tenants to moss growing inside the apartments. As things take a more drastic turn, various characters step forward to show their bravery in the face of adversity.

10/10 toshi wada

Strict Community Manager

Toshi Wada is an older woman who works as C’s Housing Complex manager. While he is friendly towards Japanese residents, he is prejudiced towards Middle Eastern tenants.

When Toshi first meets the interns, he shows fear due to them being foreigners. When he sees dirty clothes lying in the laundry area and hears the inmates praying their religious prayers, he reprimands them. However, she seems to have changed her mind. She visits the interns and gives them curry. She reveals that she did her research to make sure the food suited her religious diet and that she used a new cutting board and knife to avoid contact with ingredients they can’t eat.

9/10 Keiko Koshide

Housing Complex C Peacekeeper

Keiko Koshide is the mother of Yuri Koshide. She moves into the housing complex with her family and the interns from the Middle East. Since her husband, Seichi Koshide, is busy at work, she manages the interns at Housing Complex C.

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Despite the tension between the long-term tenants and the interns, Keiko tries to be a peacemaker. She asks Koba, Taka, and Yoshiiken to ignore the rumors about the Middle Eastern interns. As tensions peak, she keeps track of the daily reports from the watch captains, albeit to the detriment of her own health.

8/10 kentaro yoshiiken

The compound soldier

Kentaro Yoshiiken is one of the Japanese tenants in Housing Complex C. He is good friends with Kisou Kobayashi and Takashi Takamura. As a long-term resident at the complex, he is dedicated to the safety of the residents.

After discovering dead fish in the resort’s park, Yoshiiken offers to patrol the resort at night to find out who is planting dead animals in the resort. As a former soldier who fought on the front lines of Operation South, he has a strong sense of justice and dignity, and maintains it as he continues his patrol duties. Unfortunately, it is during patrol duties that he comes across his disappearance.

7/10 seichi koshide

brave father

Seichi Koshide is Keiko Koshide’s husband and Yuri Koshide’s father. he moves to Housing Complex C with his family and inmates. He works as a supervisor and consultant for foreign workers in Kurosaki.

While Seichi is not seen as much as the other characters in Housing Complex C, shows his bravery in Episode 1. During the first scene, he is seen knocking out a man who is chasing Kimi and Yuri, demanding that he not lay a finger on his daughter. During the shaved ice event, he urges the residents to stop fighting and act as a caring community, showing his aversion to discrimination.

6/10 Kisou Kobayashi

Loyal and brave resident

Kisou Kobayashi is one of the tenants of Housing Complex C. He is friends with Takashi Takamura and Kentaro Yoshiiken. Like the other people who live in the compound, he has shown her adoration for Kimi and wants to keep her safe.

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Koba is one of the few tenants trying to find the ones that disappeared and were replaced by moss. When Hideo and Momo disappeared, he searched everywhere, including his apartment and the Kurosaki woods. When Yoshiiken doesn’t show up at the snow cone party, he runs to his room and breaks in, only to find moss. Though distraught over his friend’s disappearance, he offers to handle the search efforts while Takashi is preoccupied with investigating him.

5/10 Rubel Hossen

Intern Representative

Rubel Hossen is one of the fellows who moves to Housing Complex C. Since he is the most fluent in Japanese, he acts as his representative.

Rubel begins the anime by considering the cultural difference between the interns and the Japanese residents. However, as interns continue to face discrimination, he tries to protect his community. As the townspeople blame the inmates for the disaster at the shaved ice party, Rubel defends the inmates from the accusations, saying that drinking blood is against his religion. Rubel also scolds the other inmates after they claim that Kan is guilty of bringing dead animals into the compound. Until he leaves the complex, Rubel does his best to protect the other inmates.

4/10 yuri koshide

Kimi’s older sister

Yuri Koshide is a soft-spoken 10-year-old girl who moves into the housing complex with her family and the Middle Eastern interns. Arriving at the resort, she befriends Kimi.

Though initially afraid to explore the complex’s underground basement, Yuri decides to act as Kimi’s older sister. By Episode 3, she has shown her determination to find out the truth behind who she put the severed dog’s head into the syrup at the shaved ice party. Yuri even follows Kimi to the basement and to the secret room when Kimi tries to find Takashi Takamura.

3/10 takashi takamura

father of the complex

Takashi Takamura is a resident of the complex. He acts as a leader between himself, Kisou Kobayashi, and Kentaro Yoshiiken. He functions as a father figure to Kimi, looking out for her and making sure he has a good time at the resort.

Takashi Takamura is legally good. He does not discriminate against fellows and fights for equality. As things take a turn for the worse, Takashi dives into his investigation of the ancient cave and the mysterious stone. When he discovers that the paths to the Torii lead to the black gate, he realizes that the holy place is in Housing Complex C. Despite your fearTakashi follows his hypothesis and discovers a hidden room in the basement.

2/10 kanchan mia

silent but powerful

Kanchan, who calls himself Kan, is one of the interns who moves into the complex. Although brutal, he has shown that he cares for Kimi and the other tenants of the complex.

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Kanchan has gone to great lengths to protect Kimi. He takes the dead animals from his door and buries them in the woods. When tensions peak between tenants and interns, he accepts a beating from three men after being caught with dead chickens. He asks that they blame him for the hostility between the two sides so that the interns can keep their jobs. He also follows Kimi and Yuri to the basement in Episode 3, keeping watch as the kids explore the hidden room.

1/10 kimi shirokado

courage with a smile

Kimi Shirokada is the central character of Housing Complex C. She is a happy-go-lucky girl who lives in the complex. Like all the other characters, she wants to discover the mystery of the complex. However, she seems like she knows more than she lets on.

Along the Housing Complex C, viewers watch Kimi stand up for the inmates as they face discrimination from the tenants. During the shaved ice party, he yells at everyone to stop fighting. She protects Kan when the neighbors beat him up. Kimi agrees to get her hands dirty, go through the hidden door in Episode 3 to find out Takashi’s whereabouts. Although she often faces the unknown, Kimi valiantly tries to discover the origin of strange occurrences.

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