House Party New Achievement Walkthrough Guide

This guide is a step by step walkthrough for the Achievements: “Good Riddance”, “Against All Odds”, “Beyond the Call of Dude-y” and “Now It’s a Party!”. You’ll also get the Katherine cutscene and the Frank cutscene!


I suggest you make a save in which you have gathered all items already. this makes the following parts at least a little bit easier. THIS IS GENERIC, YOU DON’T NEED EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST!

Just have a very good look around in each room, you’ll find them.

The listed items are located in the following rooms:


Dining Room

Tablet, TV Remote, Credit Card, Cup of Coffee, one alcoholic beverage from franks cabinet(in our case it will be the Rum., the empty Vodka Bottle and Rachael’s Thermos.


Spoon, Mug, Natty Lite, Popcorn, Sausage, Cucumber, Whip-its, Magazine (in the trash), Soda, some random ass food from the fridge.

Living Room

Right Speaker, Foam Finger, Mysterious key.


Jammer, Skeleton key, Motor Oil, Natty Lite.


Towel, Natty Lite



Mp3-Player, throw dildo from Ash’s Room.

Use it on the Media dock in the dining room.

Hallway Bathroom

Natty Lite.

Ashley’s Room

Pencil, Dildo, Whale Poster.


Chocolate, SD-Card, Natty Lite, USB-Stick, Paper, Flask.

Laundry Room


Art Room


Madison’s Room

Sunglasses, Natty Lite, Camera (use with SD-Card).

Madison’s Bathroom

Gut Grip, Blue Hair Dye, Madison’s Phone, Painkillers.


Vibratron 3000, Sunflower Dress, Laxatives.


Fast Food Bag, Flower, Cat Collar (in the mound of dirt), Briefcase (Back of Gazebo Roof).

Other Things you want

Patrick’s merlot

Witness the “Slappening” (Try grabbing it here, else read on)

Ask Patrick about being slapped.

Talk to Frank, be sober.

Talk to Patrick, tell him about Frank.

Ask how he keeps a Bottle around.

Go to Frank, and tell him Patrick has Wine.

Wait a bit after Frank hits Pat and take the Bottle.

The Penguin

Inspect the Penguin in the garage.

Co Host.

Ask about Brittney, tell her you will get Brit out.

Ask about the guests, tell her you and Derek go back long time.

TODO: add the dialogues for this. look to another guide for this.

you won’t need it anyways

Beyond the Call of Dude-y

Really give Frank something to cherish…for instance, a fully naked picture of Katherine.

We have to give Frank a fully naked picture of Kat.

Start from a save with all(nearly all) Items.

I’ll leave out parts where there is only one option, so I don’t want to have to write it down.

Beyond the Call of Dude-y

Talk to Frank:

“I’m completely sober!”

“You seem like an interesting guy.”

“So how’s guard duty treating you?”

“Is that chair uncomfortable? It looks uncomfortable.”

“You really love what you Momma gave ya, Don’t you?”

“Sooo we’re just gonna keep talking about your b-“

Talk to Derek:

“Thanks for inviting me to the party!”

Talk to Amy:

“Hey Amy. It’s nice to meet you!”

“You look pretty pensive. What’s on your mind?”

“I could help you out. I’m awesome at finding things!”

“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”

*give her the credit card, but be careful of where Madison is*

“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”

Talk to Frank:

“Hey Frank, I need a condom. You don’t have an extra one, do you?”

Talk to Derek:

“Hey Derek, is Frank gay?”

“Actually, I think I am. What do I do now?”

Talk to Frank:

“Ok Frank, you’re right. I’m attracted to you.”

“You’re insane Frank, but I’m intrigued to see where this is going to go…”

*follow him*

*talk to him when in the garden corner*

*press “p” to whip out your thing”

*wait for him to finish*

Talk to Katherine:

“I feel like we use the word ‘need’ outside of it’s intended purpose.”

“I noticed you keep looking at your phone. Is everything ok?”

“Who would ever be a d*** to you, ever?”

“I could youse a drink. Want me to grab you one?”

Talk to Frank:

“What do you think about Katherine?”

“So you’re just gonna sit here and guard all the alcohol, huh?”

Talk to Katherine:

“Frank’s guarding all of the alcohol.”

“I think Frank has a crush on you.”

Talk to Frank:

“Hey I’ve been chatting it up with Katherine. Want me to put in a good word for you?”

“Sound’s like a deal! I’m in!”

Talk to Katherine:

“So Frank says I can grab some Booze if I get a topless pic of you.”

“For being a d*** that boyfriend sure has you plastered to your phone.”

Talk to Patrick:

“You should watch out for Frank.”

“How the hell do you even have a bottle of wine with Frank around?”

Talk to Frank:

“Patrick’s got a bottle of wine! he’s been shoving it down his pants to hide it from you!”

*when he run’s away, and Leah isn’t there, open the cabinet and take the rum.*

*else let him hit Patrick as many times as you need to get that rum.*

*inspect the empty vodka bottle.*

“Hey that vodka bottle is completely empty. Mind if i take it?”

*go to the sink and fill it with water.*

Talk to Katherine:

*give Katherine the rum.*

“So how can I ensure a 100 percent chance of getting in your pants?”

“Hmm. Humiliate myself, or turn down sex? I guess I have no choice. I’ll do it!”

*press “p” and run around the party, don’t forget Brittney.*

*return to Kat.*

“I did it! I flashed every single person here!”

“So hey, wanna go somewhere more private?”

*follow her upstairs*

*talk to her*

*give her the cucumber and the vodka bottle filled with water*

*leave the room, and lock the door.*

*listen at the door*

*when you hear her m***, use “open…”.*

*open your inventory and take a picture of Kat when she is fully naked.*


*put on clothes(“Y”)*

Talk to Frank:

*give him the camera*

Beyond the Call of Dude-y will unlock after you finish his dialogue.

“Frank I’m ready…for glory. Will you accept my Help now?”

“I really don’t think this big balls “spidey sense” thing is a thing.”

“Okay Frank, seriously! I don’t think having big balls matters as much as you think…”

“I hate to break it to you, but they are talking about c*** size, not ball size.”

*you can bring people to him, and ask them about c*** or balls, but you must have Vickie’s opinion.*

Read on for the next steps…

Inviting Vickie

We have to invite Vickie to progress Frank’s story, and also for Amy’s scavenger hunt.

Talk to Rachael:

“It’s cool, but why’d you go all Jerry Springer on him?”

“So what’s up? Are you enjoying yourself at the party?”

“Let me talk to him. I can figure this misunderstanding out.”

Talk to Frank:

“Come on Frank. Stealing from girls? This has gone way too far!”

“I could check it for you.”

*inspect the thermos and choose “smell”.*

“Hey so I gave that thermos a good sniff.”

“It’s clean. It’s filled with water. She has a rally rare medical condition called ‘Thirst’.”

Talk to Rachael:

*give her the thermos.*

“Frank doesn’t scare me. Have you seen my biceps?”

“You look a little nervous. Is something wrong?”

“Trust me, I’ve heard it all. You can confide in me.”

“Well, that sounds awesome. Your friend seems really cool.”

“Hey do you think I could get your phone number so we can chat sometime?”

Talk to Madison:

“You’re doing fine!”

“It’s how bakers keep score!”

“Yeah, most definitely.”

Talk to Patrick:

*give him the painkillers*

“About that favour you owe me. Can I use your cell phone for a minute?”

Talk to Brittney:

“Hey are you ok? There’s a party going on out there you know.”

“Are you kidding? That top looks great on you!”

“Oh look. Here you are all by yourself again.”

“What do you think of Amy?”

“Hey Patrick’s looking for his phone. You haven’t seen it, have you?”

go to the kitchen

*open the tall in wall shelf, and get the kettle (right mouse button)*

*put it on the stove*

*use the kettle with the coffee.*

*turn on the stove and wait.*

*use the kettle with the empty cup when done.*

*turn off the stove.*

Talk to Patrick:

“Looks like you left your phone with Brittney, but she won’t give it to me.”

*give him the coffe.*

“I guess I’ll just give this Irish Coffee to somebody else then?”

*while he is sobering up, we can make some progress with Amy’s scavenger hunt.*

Talk to Amy:

*give her the condom.*

“let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”

Talk to Derek:

“Can you give me your shirt? It’s for something important.”

“Yes I do! In fact I saw a petition going around!”

creating the petition

*go to the pc in the dining room.*

*create a petition with the monitor, then print it.*

*go to everyone, ask them about your petition

and choose the correct answer. they are as follows:*

  • Amy – *just ask her.*
  • Katherine – “It’s to castrate all men so the can think more clearly.”
  • Madison – “it’s a petition for Derek to take off his shirt.”
  • Brittney – “It’s a free the nipple campaign.”
  • Frank – “It’s for re-establishing prohibition.”
  • Leah – “It’s for Derek to take off his shirt, and he’ll only do it if enough people sign the petition.”
  • Rachael – “It’s for Derek to take off his shirt.”
  • Ashley – “it’s for Derek to take his shirt off.”
  • Stephanie – “It’s for a signature contest. Best looking signature wins!”

Talk to Derek:

*give him the petition.*

Talk to Amy:

*give her Derek’s shirt.*

“let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”

Talk to Patrick:

*after he’s sobered up…*

“Hey since you’re sober, do you think you can get your phone back from Brittney now?”

* he’ll go to her and bring it to you.*

Talk to Ashley:

“You’re Madison’s sister? I never would have guessed. You’re way hotter than she is!”

“What’s the deal with you and Madison anyway?”

“Ashley! So are you the Co-Host of this party?”

“There’s a girl upstairs by herself. Have you met Brittney?”

“I’m going to help her realize there’s no reason to stay cooped up tonight.”

*giver her Madison’s phone*

“Maybe it is. What’s it to you?”

“I’m intrigued. Go on.”

“Count me in. What do you need me to do?”

go into Madison’s room

*use the cooking book with the paper.*

*use the paper with the pencil.*

*take the paper.*

*go into the wardrobe and open the safe.*

*take the diary.*

Talk to Ashley:

*give her the diary.*

*open your inventory, and open the contacts on Madison’s phone.*

Talk to Katherine:

“Do you know anything about hacking phones?”

“Let’s say I want to hypothetically spoof a text message. How would I hypothetically go about that?”

*give her Patrick’s phone.*

*follow her, then wait a bit.*

“Can you send a spoofed text message for me?”

“Hmm. Send it to 555-6969.”

“Send it from Rachael. 555-4242”

“Hey Come to Madison’s party and help liven things up?”

*wait for Vickie to show up.*

Good Riddance!

Crush Frank’s self-esteem and his notions about manhood to the point where he can’t take it anymore! Buh bye, dude!

For “Good Riddance!” we have to make Frank leave the Party.

To achieve this, we have to get Frank to hear Vickie’s opinion (plus the others), and see Derek’s thing.

Talk to Vickie:

“You must be Vickie Vixen! I’ve heard a lot about you!”

“Rachael told me you’re a lot of fun!”

“There are a lot of “good girls” here that need to let their guards down.”

“Ok, I’m ready! I made a few Friends!”

“Maybe I could practice on you first? You know…for science.”

“So do you come here often?”

“Hey, are those the outlines of nipple-rings I notice on your shirt?”

“You know, you have a really nice smile.”

“Vickie! I Think i overheard the sounds of people getting nasty. Wanna do some snooping?”

“I think they’re getting hot and heavy on the sofa by the Liquor cabinet.”

*follow her to Frank.*

“So, Vickie, are big balls desirable in the industry?”

Talk to Frank:

“Believe me yet? C*** size is way more important than ball size!”

*if he still doesn’t believe you, get more people to him.*

*if he believes you, we need to get him to see Derek’s d***.*

*We’ll do this via the Memory Lane with Derek, as I think it’s easier than the Dance battle,

and I never managed to get him naked in the dance battle…*

Talk to Derek:

“Rough week? Is everything ok?”

“I’ve known you too long to let this go.”

“How long have we been friends? I feel like I’ve known you forever.”

“Hey bud, got that beer for us.”

*follow him, sit down and talk to him.*

“Ahhh yeah, the time i replaced all the sparkling cider with moonshine? Ha!”

*let’s get Stephanie outside and naked while we’re waiting to drink a second time with Derek.*

Talk to Stephanie:

“Hi Stephanie. Nice to meet you!”

“You look like you’re having fun.”

“I’ll see what I can do. What’s in it for me though?”

*give her the whip it, you have to do this twice.*

“Man, you are tearing up on that dance floor!”

*give her the merlot/chardonnay.*

*go to the kitchen, and tamper with the thermostat.*

*giver her the merlot/chardonnay.*

“So what do you say you liven up this party even more and dance topless?”

*this should be enough time for Derek to recharge his thirst…*

Talk to Derek:

“Yo D, got another beer for us!”

*he’ll go to the hot tub, but you’ll go to Frank.*

Talk to Frank:

“Frank, I overheard somebody saying they had some alcohol! What do we do?”

“Solid plan Frank! Let’s do it!”

*go back to the hot tub, strip down all the way.*

Talk to Derek:

*talk to him*


“Smoothbooty boyz”

“How could I ever forget.”

*Frank will start talking after this dialogue.*

*put on clothes.*

*follow Frank to his “throne”.*


*the other achievement will start here…*

Talk to Frank:

“It’s tough not being the big guy on campus, huh?”

“Nobody respects you Frank. They think you’re a loser.”

“You’re just a sad, weird, elephant-balled Freak of nature.”

“HAHAHA-Hoooollly F***! Those are some big-a** bizarro balls! And that d***…so tiny!”

*he’ll leave, and you’ll get the achievement.*

Against all Odds

For once, make love, not war with Frank.

For this one we have to go all the way with Frank.

Reload to your previous save!

Talk to Frank:

“It’s tough not being the big guy on campus, huh?”

“You’ll get past it, but it’s better you know the truth now.”

“Being wrong is part of life. You can learn from your mistakes.”

“You’re not a Freak. I’ve just been messing with you. Could you uh…put that away?”

“That was some heavy s*** we went through earlier…you still feeling ok?”

“Frank, I want it all. All of you, and your behemoth besticles.”

“Let’s turn “soon” into “right now”. You sure you don’t have any particular place in mind for us to…?”

*follow him to the bathroom.*

“Frank…are you ready for me?”


*the achievement will unlock after you are both done.*

Now It’s a Party!

This part here continues after the “Against all Odds” part of the guide.

Liven up the scenery by getting three or more partygoers to enjoy the rest of the night while showing various amounts of skin.

We already have Derek, and Steph. Now we’re going to get Amy naked.

Talk to Ashley:

*we have to get her to like us very much, i.e. BFF*

“Tell me more about the guests of this evening.”

Tell me more about your friends.”

“Yeah, me and Derek go way back. He’s a great pal.”

“So about Madison’s sky animal s***.”

“Why’d you let her fall for his bulls***?”

“Madison just wants to be unique, you know?”

Talk to Madison:


*open the door.*

“It wasn’t like that, Madison. We were all just trying to understand you better.”

“Madison, I’m sorry if I’ve upset you, really, but this whole sky animal thing…comes off as a bit silly.”

“That’s fine! But you don’t have to go that far to get people to notice and like you.”

“Just be you. People like real you.”

“That’s what all of us are trying to do. Everybody on the planet is trying to figure their s*** out. It’ll happen.”

“Brittney won’t come out of the Study.”

Talk to Brittney:

“I got Stephanie to dance topless downstairs!”

*go to Ashley.*

Talk to Ashley:

“So about that Diary…”

“So you’ve got the password, I’ve got the phone…what’s next?”

*use the flower with the blue hair dye to make a blue flower.*

*wait a bit, then try to talk to Ashley.*

*In the meantime, us the broom and the speaker on the mound of dirt outside.*

*then turn the speaker on.*

Talk to Stephanie:

“Hey I set up a speaker outside near the hot tub!”

*wait for them to get outside.*

Talk to Brittney:

“So how about we relax in the hot tub for a bit?”

Talk to Ashley:

“There’s, uh, a fire. In your room.”

*give her the blue flower.*

Talk to Vickie:

“I managed to wow Ashley. I bet you’re no too surprised by that.”

*follow her, and sit down in the hot tub.*

“Wow those really were the outlines of nipple rings under your shirt!”

Ok, I’m ready for the next part of training!”

“I submit to your tests…for science.”

Talk to Frank:

*send him after Patrick, and get yourself the whack spaniels.*

*be wary of Leah when doing so.*

*drink the whack spaniels and two natty lites.*

*mast***ate (“1”) in a corner/room. often. you can also drink more.*

*you’ll get a memory on the right when you are ready.*

Talk to Vickie:

*get her to the hot tub*

“Go ahead and test me again…”

“Well actually, I actually needed a little help. I couldn’t take him out alone.”


*put on clothes.*

Talk to Amy:

*give her Vickie’s panties.*

“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”

“Joining a sorority can open a lot of doors for you. I’d do what they ask. It’s just harmless fun, right?”

“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”

Talk to Brittney:

“So how about we relax in the hot tub for a bit?”

Talk to Amy:

“Now’s your chance! Brittney’s in the hot tub with american flag underwear on!”

*wait for Amy to take the picture.*

“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”

Talk to Madison:

“You look like a ‘goodbye kitty’ fan if I’ve ever seen one.”

“My Sister was a huge fan. I know one when I see one.”

“I’ll be sure to let my sister know she’s not the only one in town!”

*go to the garage.*

*inside, interact with the closed orange bin on the lowest level.*


Talk to Amy:

*give her the underwear.*

*follow her to the bathroom and wait till she’s done taking pictures.*

“Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items.”

“F*** yeah, I’ll get naked right here if you want me to.”

Talk to Brittney:

“I bet you I can get Amy to get in this hot tub completely naked.”

Talk to Amy:

“Brittney will get naked in the hot tub if you do it first.”

“Let’s go hang out in the hot tub. I’ve got a plan.”

*get in the hot tub. naked.*

Talk to Amy:

“Amy, truth or dare?”

“Where is your favourite place to be kissed?”

Talk to Brittney:

“Brittney, truth or dare?”

“Who here do you find most attractive?”

Talk to Amy:

“Amy, truth or dare?”

“Who at this party would you most like to see naked?”

Talk to Brittney:

“Brittney, truth or dare?”

“Tell us about a secret crush you’ve had in the past.”

Talk to Amy:

“Amy, truth or dare?”

“What did you think of me when we first met?”

Talk to Brittney:

“Brittney, truth or dare?”

“Are you turned on right now?”

Talk to Amy:

“Amy, truth or dare?”

“Have you ever made out with another woman?”

Talk to Brittney:

“Brittney, truth or dare?”

“Have you ever kissed another woman?”

“Brittney, truth or dare?”

“I dare you to take your top off.”

Talk to Amy:

“Amy, truth or dare?”

“Dare you to take off your top!”

Talk to Brittney:

“Brittney, truth or dare?”

“I dare you to take your bottoms off.”

Talk to Amy:

“Amy, truth or dare?”

“Dare you to take off your bottoms!”

“Don’t you think we should take a photo to remember this precious moment by?”

*follow Amy and confront her.*

“Hey why did you run off from the hot tub? We were just starting to have a good time!”

“Well, if it’s turning you on, it sounds like maybe you enjoy it?”

“F*** that voice! You shouldn’t be ashamed to be yourself!”

*you should get the achievement now.*

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love House Party New Achievement Walkthrough Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank TÜV Rheinland. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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