House of the Dragon’s Various Actor Changes ‘Scared the Hell’ Out of HBO


House of the Dragon co-showrunner Ryan Condal recalls HBO’s initial concerns about replacing various actors during the spinoff’s first season.

The following contains spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, now streaming on HBO and HBO Max.

house of the dragon Co-showrunner Ryan Condal recently revealed that HBO was concerned about changes to the game of Thrones The cast of the prequel series during season 1.

Condal spoke about HBO’s initial reaction to house of the dragon replacing various cast members with older actors during an interview with Term. “It scared the hell out of me. It scared HBO the hell out, too,” she said. “But to its credit, I want to say that it really is the best chain in the world. They were bold and said, ‘We’re HBO, we’re buying this and we will.’ I am incredibly grateful to them for that. But yeah, it scared the hell out of me. No one else had done it before. I mean, the closest analog I have is The crown, one of my favorite dramas of the last 20 years. I have spoken of The crown more in our [writers’] room than i over most other shows other than the original game of Thrones. They did it with incredible success.”

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“[The Crown] it was proof that we could do [cast changes] in a faster timeline because it was so successful,” Condal continued. “They went from Claire Foy and Matt Smith [in Seasons 1 and 2] Tobias Menzies and Olivia Coleman [in Seasons 3 and 4]. You accepted that they were the same characters. The difference is that those are historical figures and you know who they are. But it was proof to me that if the drama was compelling enough and the story was compelling enough, people would stay and follow the characters and not the actors. And indeed, that’s what they did.”

House of the Dragon Showrunner Talks Season 2

Despite Condal’s conviction that house of the dragonThe cast changes of finally paid off, in the same interview he also confirmed that the roles would not be changed in the future. Condal explained that this is because house of the dragon Season 2 will not include large time jumps like those that characterized the narrative of Season 1. Instead, the story will unfold “in real time” for the remaining episodes of the season. game of Thrones The overall run of the spin-off, with the current cast members playing their roles “all the way”.

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Condal also promised even more spectacle in house of the dragon‘s next season, noting that Season 1 was relatively light on action because he needed to set up the looming civil war in Season 2. The showrunner also addressed the other major complaint raised in the show’s first season, insisting that he and his team are aware that some viewers found house of dragons‘Night scenes too dark to follow.

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