House of the Dragon’s Rhaenys Calls Out Alicent’s Hypocrisy


This article contains spoilers for house of the dragon Season 1, Episode 9, “The Green Council,” which premiered Sunday, October 16 on HBO.

All the trouble about to unfold at HBO game of Thrones The prequel is based on an innocent misunderstanding. Queen Dowager Alicent Hightower, however, is not a staunch moralist like Ned Stark. house of the dragon uses Princess Rhaenys Targaryen to expose Alicent’s hypocrisy when she comes for support in the penultimate episode of the season.

So far, the series has painted a confusing picture of Alicent Targaryens. single tall tower. She first appears as a loyal friend of Rhaenyra Targaryen and a loyal servant of her father Otto. But after Otto is fired at Rhaenyra’s behest, the two become enemies until Alicent attempts to attack one of her own grandchildren. In that fight, Alicent asks “What have I done, but what was asked of me?” She is being viciously exploited by Lord Larys, another heinous indignity that she must endure to achieve her goals. But they have never truly been its goals, as Rhaenys points out. With Viserys dead, Alicent feels vindicated; she believes that her husband really wanted her son on the Iron Throne. She is unaware that she, in her delusion, mistook the child she married for the child she raised. She is a queen who asks the Queen that never was to help her usurp the throne of another rightful queen.

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Alicent didn’t want to hear the truths from Rhaenys

When Alicent comes face to face with her “dear cousin” the princess, she finally finds her match. Rhaenys lost her birthright, her children, her husband, and is now asked to forfeit her honor by bowing the knee to Aegon. Alicent gives a speech about how women can’t rule but can lead the men who do. However, Aegon is a terror who doesn’t even want to be king. Rhaenys may or may not be aware of this, but she does see that Alicent doesn’t mind the glass ceiling because she likes her view of the stars. When Rhaenys asks if Alicent never imagined herself on the Iron Throne, the silence that follows suggests that the girl had never done it. Not even her daydreams were his.

She secured Aegon thanks to the help of Criston Cole, another of her game pieces, and his son Aemond, much like Daemon. Her father congratulates her on a good game and she finally has the courage to face him. One has to wonder if Otto really believes what he says about family and the good of the kingdom. Perhaps Alicent was able to lie to herself all these years because Otto also believes her own hype. Her last “As you wish” from her after Alicent leaves her quarters suggests that she does, especially if she applies herself. princess bride Rules for the use of the phrase.

Alicent realizes that because Otto conditioned her to seek only his or another man’s favor, she did not even consider what he wanted for her and her children. Alicent maintains her belief that her reluctance to kill other members of her family is not a weakness. It’s a sign of growth and something that Rhaenys later reinforces when she gets the chance to kill them all on Meleys’ back, but instead chooses to spare them.

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The dance of the dragons is not Alicent’s fault

After her revealing conversation with Rhaenys, Alicent finally begins to resist a bit. She doesn’t quite accept her place in this patriarchal nightmare; she actively fights to keep it. Every scene underscores how this is at the forefront of Alicent’s mind, from her plea to Rhaenys to her “arrangement” with Lord Larys. The hardest moment comes when her father says that he resembled her mother “in some lights.” It’s a naked emotional manipulation that serves as a subtle reminder to Alicent of a mother’s place in the kingdom: they are not involved in the affairs of kings.

Even if Otto meant his words as a compliment, that doesn’t bore the way he tries to put her down in her moment of victory. However, Otto works for her now. The first person Aegon called upon being discovered in the Sept was her mother. She might not have been able to control it before. However now Aegon is really scared and Alicent is finally in possession of some agency. Perhaps she, like Cersei Lannister, will use her child to mold the kingdom in her image. Her confrontation with Rhaenys is a turning point for her entire character.

The House of the Dragon season 1 finale airs October 23 at 9:00 p.m. on HBO and streams on HBO Max.

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