The following comprises spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 5, “We Light the Way,” which debuted Sept. 18, on HBO.

HBO’s House of the Dragon has not held again with the struggle for the Iron Throne. Many eyes fell on King Viserys’ crown, along with his youthful brother Daemon focusing on his niece Rhaenyra for marriage, whereas Otto Hightower had his daughter, Alicent, marry the king in hopes her son, Aegon, could be the subsequent Targaryen in line. Otto displayed a Littlefinger-like disposition, and regardless that he was fired, he stored urging Alicent to backstab Rhaenyra.

Episode 5 launched a brand new Littlefinger, who’s scheming in large methods. But whereas he helped transfer the needle relating to the civil battle going down within the Targaryen empire, a brand new key determine emerged to trigger extra bother. This was one other Joffrey, and his sinister perspective was simply as impactful relating to who’ll rule subsequent.

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Who Is House of the Dragon’s New Littlefinger?

This is Larys Strong, beforehand seen within the background along with his cane. However, regardless of his dad, Lionel, being the brand new Hand, and his brother, Harwin, serving as one of many king’s gold cloaks, Larys is working an even bigger angle. Early on in Episode 5, he and Queen Alicent had a non-public dialog the place Larys knowledgeable Alicent of the tea introduced by the maester to Rhaenyra after her dad suspected her of getting intercourse with Daemon. He implied she broke custom and sullied the throne, main Alicent to consider that after sticking up for Rhaenyra, the princess lied.

Alicent would confront Ser Criston Cole, however reasonably than hear concerning the princess and Daemon, Criston confessed he slept with Alicent. Either approach, the queen noticed Rhaenyra as a snake who would certainly mistreat her and her son, Aegon. It’s why Alicent made her assertion on the engagement gala, carrying a gown of Hightower inexperienced, which Larys famous was a name to battle. It’s unknown why Larys is choosing her facet, as his household — lords of Harrenhal — do have energy, however the present appears to be following the books the place he’d again Alicent within the political turmoil to come back. From his sinister smirks, he has achieved his aim of dividing the queen and princess, enjoying a game Littlefinger performed on Game of Thrones when he jumped from backing the Lannisters to Sansa Stark as leaders.

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Who Is House of the Dragon’s Joffrey?

Most followers hated Joffrey years in a while Game of Thrones, rejoicing when the brat was killed. He was inhumane, particularly in direction of Sansa, which is why, regardless that he did not do it, Tyrion was glad his nephew died. Still, in that brief area of time, Joffrey tainted the Baratheon legacy, the Red Keep and Westeros normally. Interestingly, a much less chaotic Joffrey arrived on House of the Dragon centuries prior within the type of Joffrey Lonmouth, aka the Knight of Kisses. He was embroiled in a romance with Laenor Velaryon, and determined to talk to Criston about Laenor’s marriage of comfort to Rhaenyra.

Unfortunately, Criston was offended Rhaenyra spurned his proposal, so when Joffrey mentioned they wanted to do their finest to maintain the association secret — considering he’d hold sleeping with Laenor, and Rhaenyra would hold romancing Criston — the knight misplaced it. Criston hated how he broke his vows of chastity for a princess who handled him like a fling, so Criston beat Joffrey to dying. Just like Game of Thrones‘ Joffrey would trigger turbulence over who’d rule — whether or not it was Tommen or Cersei — this Joffrey kicked over dominoes too as he died. Due to Criston’s jealous actions, Viserys rushed and married Rhaenyra to Laenor, establishing a partnership between the 2 strongest homes within the realm. Ultimately, it emboldened Rhaenyra to safe the crown, whereas inadvertently working in tandem with Larys’ Team Alicent motion to create a brand new period of politics and bloodshed on the capital.

New episodes of House of the Dragon air on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. on HBO and stream on HBO Max.

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