House of the Dragon’s Monarchy Parallels Star Wars’ Empire


The following accommodates spoilers for House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 9, “The Green Council,” which debuted Sunday, Oct. 16 on HBO.

One fascinating parallel between Andor on Disney+ and HBO’s House of the Dragon is that every collection offers with a tyrannical, inefficient authorities. Westeros underneath House Targaryen’s reign has many parallels to Star Wars‘ Empire, maybe greater than followers may anticipate.

In this case, each the Westeros Monarchy and the First Galactic Empire are dominated by lone people, but their rulers’ respective wills are carried out via advisors and intermediaries all vying to safe their very own station or energy. The one key distinction, nevertheless, is that the Empire would not depend on the merciless and silly custom of primogeniture, during which the “first male heir” inherits every thing from a father’s possessions to his titles and, in a single case, the crown and throne. However, when checked out because the political setting for the private tales in each Star Wars and House of the Dragon, the individuals of Westeros and Imperials can relate to one another, as a result of so little of what motivates the individuals in energy is sweet governance. Rather they’re principally proven to be small, vindictive individuals hungry for energy and with little concern for anybody else.

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Blood and Birthright Are Prime Motivators in Star Wars and House of the Dragon

In Star Wars, the Empire just isn’t above harming youngsters, however solely those that are inclined to have expertise with the “magic” of their world. There is a familial ingredient to the Force, as proven via each the Skywalkers and, in The Rise of Skywalker, the Palpatines. Still, though it is the Force, this nonetheless represents a quest for energy. House of the Dragon‘s lords and women worry for his or her youngsters resulting from their ties to House Targaryen. It’s not sufficient to usurp the Iron Throne from the right ruler. To actually finish any additional “claim to the throne,” the previous ruler should go however so should all their descendants. It’s much more twisted on House of the Dragon for the reason that warring monarchs are half-siblings.

These themes underscore simply how fragile such a authorities may be. Don’t neglect the principle cause the Empire loses in Star Wars is that they usually combat one another greater than they go after the Rebels. House Targaryen, in a sorry state throughout King Visterys’ early rule, will solely emerge from a battle weaker. They will, in principle, halve their energy by killing off whole branches of the household tree. This is shortsighted and craven, in the end resulting in a bigger, extra militarily highly effective household taking the seat of energy for themselves, as occurred within the run-up to Game of Thrones. Yet, so near the seat of energy, each Imperials and Targaryens with their allies solely take into consideration penalties so far as their very own station and affect go.

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Regular Citizens Pay for the Empire and House Targaryen’s Power Plays

On Andor, the acquainted trappings of the Empire are extra absent than current, particularly, there are only a few Stormtroopers. This is as a result of that collection is in regards to the mundane evil of the Empire, and the way the lives of its topics are on the mercy of any given whims of colonialists. In Westeros, the smallfolk, as writer George R.R. Martin dubbed them, are left principally to fend for themselves. There is little proof that any of King Viserys’ selections not associated to his heirs or marriage has any impact on the world at massive. Perhaps, he actually oversaw a time of peace and prosperity, and the palace intrigue is none of their concern. If so, he gave his topics the very best present (apart from liberty) {that a} monarch can provide: He left them alone.

What makes the Empire in Star Wars and the Targaryens on House of the Dragon so compelling are the very issues that make them horrible leaders. Yet, on the hit HBO collection the Targaryens are each the heroes and the villains, and even that is ambiguous. Still, chances are high that when a narrative is a couple of king and his heirs, the monarchy is the true villains of the story.

House of the Dragon debuts its Season 1 finale Oct. 23 at 9 PM Eastern on HBO and HBO Max.

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