House of the Dragon Showrunner Blames Overly-Dark Episodes on Viewers’ TVs


House of the Dragon boss Ryan Condal addresses complaints that the show was too dark visually, noting that a professionally calibrated TV would help.

house of the dragon Showrunner Ryan Condal promised that the show’s lighting was correct when viewed on a properly calibrated television.

speaking to Term following the house of the dragon Season 1 finale, Condal explained that the creative team is aware that many fans found the series difficult to follow due to scenes that were too dim visually. The filmmaker explained that the problem with television is that even though the production is done with high-end equipment, the final product will always be adjusted by different distributors. These networks “compress the file differently” and transmit it in a variety of other formats sometimes resulting in altered settings. “You’re also rolling it out to tens of millions of different TVs that are all different technology, calibrated differently, and configured differently in different viewing environments,” Condal continued. “It’s almost impossible to take all of those variables into account when you’re making the TV show.”

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While the house of the dragon Boss assures fans that the files he worked with were “perfect,” also promising that the creative team knows that lighting may need to be examined for future seasons. “I heard the note and we are aware of it. But I will tell you that it looked phenomenal when we published it and launched it,” said Condal. “And it looked great on my TV, which has been professionally calibrated.”

House of the positive side of the dragon

It may be too late to adjust the lighting house of the dragon Season 1, but fans can still wait for Season 2. HBO greenlit another installment in the game of Thrones prequel before it has been released and the next chapter will continue the story of House Targaryen’s fall from grace. Although it is unknown if house of the dragon will continue beyond this point, George RR Martin, who wrote the source material fire and bloodhe believes the narrative requires at least four seasons.

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“As things stand, I’m delighted that we still have 10 hours each season to tell our stories, it will take four full seasons of 10 episodes each to do A Dance with Dragons justice, from start to finish,” Martin said. . he wrote. house of the dragon The chronicle is expected to conclude with the aforementioned civil war ultimately resulting in the destruction of House Targaryens.

house of the dragon Season 1 is now streaming on HBO Max. Season 2 does not have a release date yet.

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