Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Gameplay Tips And Tricks

Some people has problem with that achivement, well here only those items, that you may didnt use, so:

1) act 1, scene 4

as a Martin you need in a floor 2 kill some one by a tazer. ATTENTION! In act 6 scene 3 if you use tazer as a pardo, its didnt work.

2) act 1, scene 3

as a Snake, in a reception there are bottle, well you need kill some by that. ATTENTION! There are two types of bottle, normal and broken, you need kill more than one ♥♥♥♥♥ by it.

3) act 4, scene 15

as a Snake, in the room that got planted by a bomb, you can found acid, you need kill some one by that.


ALL weapons while you going throw HM2, you gonna use most of theme.

By a Soldier, Son, Snake, you need use all technics.

Thanks for reading, see you in future!


Here you go


Acid are in act 4 scene 3, a room with BIG BOOM


You can get him in act 1 scene 4, from a fat guy

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