Horizon Zero Dawn Screen Tear Guide

A screen tear guide for those wanting to play at locked 30.

Just follow these instructions.

First let me get my config out of the way I am using a relatively weak (and older) laptop A legion Y520:

i5 7300HQ

GTX 1050 Ti

16 gigs Dual Channel Ram

So if you have a hybrid gpu setup with no gsync it means the gpu responsible for finally displaying the frame onto the screen is the iGPU which causes problems sometimes with screen tear.

After the reviews I definitely was not expecting to be playing this at 60fps high/med.

I had made up my mind to play it at a Locked 30 like the ps4 at 1080p Medium preset. Still looked great to me.

But When I started playing I was really getting very bad tearing in the game after using riva tuner to lock the framerate and all kinds of vsync settings from both riva tuner and nvidia Inspector.

Nothing was working getting multiple tear lines even if the framerate was locked plus with the inbulit monitor is not so good wrt ghosting.

Finally I found the solution.

> Instead of riva tuner I set the FPS limit in Nvidia Inspector.


This gave me 30 fps locked with no stutters and no frame tears (For antialiasing use TAA) really i have played 10 hours now and its been pretty great. 60 would have been ideal but this kinda games are absolutely playable in 30. This aint no CSGO. Hope this helped!!

Horizon Zero Dawn Screen Tear Guide

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