Horizon Zero Dawn Play Game On Ultra Hard Mode

How to finish the game on Ultra Hard and get that sweet achievement.

Introduction to the game

Sup, my name is Hardcore and I decided to write this guide because other guides are “too slow and srs” (WildPie101 Tribute). If you are reading this guide, I assume you are familiar with game and its mechanics. Game itself is fairly easy (I guess it’s like that because it was designed for console peasants), even on hardest difficulties you have your world map, HUD, unlimited saves on campfires + all autosaves and you can use all of your preferred weapons. Only difference is that stuff is more expensive and enemies are “bullet sponges”. Even though, UH mode is easy compared to Hardcore modes on other games, you’ll still need to be properly prepared before you start this mode.


To make your playthrough comfortable, you’ll need to complete few things on your playthrough before creating NG+ loadout for UH.

  • 1. Reach level cap (60) to get max HP and all of the skills
  • 2. Complete Frozen Wilds DLC, to get best equipment in game for Bluegleam so you won’t need to buy all that expensive Adept stuff (althought 1 extra mod slot is sometimes worth the money).
  • 3. Get Shield-Weaver outfit
  • 4. Get stealth (2 stealth mods + 1 ranged resist mod) and healing outfit (Melee and Ranged resist). I used stealth outfit for most of the playthrough and I also had one Adept Heavy Nora Survivor for open combat.
  • 5. Start playthrough with 40k+ shards (I started with 25k and it was awful), so you have enough money for resources and healing potions + some equipment. Also keep your Machine Hearts, to get Epic stuff early in game.
  • 6. Upgrade your carry capacity, weapon slots, etc. etc.

Outfits explained


You should use this outfit for stealth approach + roaming in the open world. When you crouch and roll in this outfit, you are basically invisible and able to flank enemies easier. I used it for most of the game.


This outfit is a MUST HAVE. People don’t use this outfit frequently because “HeAlTh RegEn is slOw, So iT’s UseLesS Reeeee”. Which is kind of true, but it is best for healing damage you suffer after the fight, so instead of consuming your medkit and/or expensive potions, you just put this on and it will heal you to fullest in less than 1 minute.


Most of the normies will say something like “ShiEld WeAver iS usElSs on UH, BeCauSe it will only last 2-3 HiTs ReeeEeeee”. WRONG. Shield Weaver is the best armor for final missions when you have to fight some big machines. So, you can hit final boss like 2-3 times before it kills your shield, then hide somewhere to get reffil and hit it few times again. This tactic will help you to save some of your healing stuff.


I’ve been using universal “Nora Survivor Heavy Adept” resist outfit damage. But you should choose outfit with resist you prefer.

Weapons explained

Even on UH you can equip 4 weapons. So, you should use two bows and two weapons of your choice.

Banuk Strider Bow

Horizon Zero Dawn Play Game On Ultra Hard Mode

Your regular bow, for fire damage against machines like Glinthawks and Deathbringers, you can shoot 3 fire arrows at once really fast. Also good for obliterating enemies like Striders, Watchers, Humans etc. I used two Damage and 1 fire mod.

Banuk Powershot Bow

Horizon Zero Dawn Play Game On Ultra Hard Mode

I’ve used this one mostly. Three loaded arrows at once can do lots of damage, even to biggest machines. Tearblast arrows are good for destroying armor and Harvest ones for tearing of weapons from creatures like Ravagers and Thunderjaws

Few tips for playing

  • 1. Always have all medkits (up to four) + full supply of Health and Full health potions. This can be kinda expensive.
  • 2. Avoid fights with anything bigger than Corruptor, unless it is one of the story bosses.
  • 3. You should already have your golden fast traver pack, but in case you don’t, get one.
  • 4. If you struggle, you should try to GIT GUD


For completing game on Ultra Hard NG+ first run you’ll get these two achievements.

Ultra Hard Completed

Horizon Zero Dawn Play Game On Ultra Hard Mode

New Game+ Completed

Horizon Zero Dawn Play Game On Ultra Hard Mode


You’ll get all of the accessible face paints and focus effects. If you were playing on lower difficulties like Hard/Very Hard, you’d recieve only few of them. I won’t show them to you, you have to complete the game and see them for yourself.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Horizon Zero Dawn Play Game On Ultra Hard Mode that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Hardcore. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.