Horizon Zero Dawn Beginners Guide And Skill Builds


You will be given 3 skill points at the start

(1) Silent Strike

Your going to need this for stealth killing. You’ll be fighting mostly Watcher, Strider and Scrapper, I highly suggest using stealth is the best way to approach them, this will save you time and ammunition.

(1) Shard Salvager

As the definition say, it will let you recycle things in your inventory, it will be handy in the late game but I don’t suggest since your going to loss 50% of its value so you better sell those items in the merchant, remember your resources is all you have from making ammunition, traps, and potions its just the pre-requisite for the “Scavenger”.

(1) Gatherer

this is very useful no further explanation.

(2) Scavenger

This will give you bonus loot from taken down enemies. Your going to need to stock up lots of materials from Watcher, Strider and Scrapper this machines will give you materials crafting your ammunition and traps like blaze, wires, sparkers and some exclusive materials looted from the machine that you will be needing for crafting weapons in the merchants in the future.

(3) Expert Carver

This will increase your chance looting rare materials from machines and specially wild life animals for upgrading the capacity limits of your inventory.

(4) Ammo Crafter

This will increase ammunition/trap crafting, +2 in arrows and sling and 1 for rope and Trip caster

(5) Scavenger+

This will further improve “scavenger skills”

This will help you in the early stage of the game, I suggest doing this before the proving, you’ll get more 2 skill points, 1 for completing “The point of the spear” and another 1 right before entering the proving “Mothers Heart” quest.

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