Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Why is Aloy heading to Burning Shores?



    Following months of speculation, Guerrilla Games finally announced the DLC for Horizon Forbidden West. The new expansion trailer, first revealed at The Game Awards, sees Aloy soar over the crumbling, overgrown ruins of Los Angeles. Aloy swoops past some of California’s famous landmarks like the Griffith Observatory, Capitol Records Building, Santa Monica Pier, and, of course, the Hollywood sign. They are ruins that survived a landscape transformed into a volcanic archipelago.

    While the nature of the subtropical climbs of Southern California didn’t seem to be clear, a colossal earthquake has caused considerable seismic changes to the landscape, either from natural causes, or even from GAIA and terraforming the landscape that swept out of cracked Earth. New York has some of the most interesting topographical changes; Burning Shores is much more undulating than the old city of Los Angeles, with sea water submerging the majority of the current metropolis creating a network of islands that Guerrilla Games report as fully explorable by water as they air.

    According to Guerrilla Games Press Release, Aloy plans to go to this wildland untamed south of the Tenakth Clan Lands for a long time to fight a new threat. The film catches up where the film Horizon Forbidden West is leaving off, with new machines, characters, and weapons also coming in this dangerous new territory. Despite the short short release and the ‘Guerrillas’, the show can be quite convincingly told.

    That’s particularly true if it’s considering in tandem with some key data points of significance discoverable in the West Horizon forbidden, the principal of which is a glyph-scan scan as they make a side-tie by Dam Shame. It’s a note left by Aloy, whom Aloy first met in Horizon Zero Dawn expansion The Frozen Wilds. He needs to be saved after accidentally diverting water at Greycatch dam, and then flooded Deep Din with him inside. These exploits are mentioned in the glyph left behind at the site of the old Hoover Dam, along with him describing his intention to head south to the Burning Shores. Will Gildun make a stand in Innored West: Burning Coastal Coasts? Even though he neglected to raid the Hoover Dams for loot, after safety concerns, Aloy will encounter Gildun more capable of fighting and escaping the walls rather than conquering the ghosts, the oblivious adventurer needing help in the frozen wilds.

    Another character that returns slightly is Brin, which wanders like the Banuk shaman. When Aloy came to Horizon Zero Dawn, he talked about storms, death, and destruction, and the predictions of the events in Forbidden West end; a mere coincidence will make me annoy if a NEMESIS is just going to hurt Earth as part of a mission to eradicate humanity. Unlike Gildun, Brins mention in Forbidden West is via scanned glyphs, so that Aloy is able to discover by a party of traveling Oseram. They witnessed Brin drinking fluid before exclaiming hell headed to the place of fire and brine this place, of fire and brine, is definitely his description of the Burning Shores. Brin talks about meeting Aloy in the Forbidden West, also in Zero Dawn.

    Should Gildun and Brin reappear in the Burning Shores, it’s difficult to tell this moment how many of their contributions in the DLC narrative will be based on their own. Since the imminent threat of NEMESIS approaching Earth means Aloy and his allies are now able to make sure the AI doesn’t come by for many years. The story based game was the extinction signal which led them to destroy the Far Zenith colony in Sirius allowing them to leave back to the Earth and recover the GAIA to colonize a new planet. The occurrence of NEMESIS being returned to Earth, and the battle which ensued, might just be so exciting that a story can’t be recalled at DLC. The reality is that Brin might make a decision on a third mainline action of the future. These clues, and actually the knowledge to destroy NEMESIS, may just be somewhere on the Burning Shores.

    That means Burning Water will be faced with battles. No, it seems like Aloy will be finally forced to take on a behemothic metal Devil. Those Titans dotted the Earth and were in place for centuries after Project Zero Dawn, a project that commenced the force and temporarily deactivated from the ground. Being proud of the landscape, that is all the same as the LA-like landmarks, the serviceability of the Titans is totally unknown. The one where the HADES sought refuge still has a functioning computer core, while Aloy managed to source the power of a new metal Devil’s cell indicates that its skeletal shells still live. Because of their instrumentality in the destruction of earth’s biolife during the Faro Plague, a reactivation of a Titan of the Human Order could be a curse for the technologically primitive humans who’ve repopulated the Earth. Unfortunately for Aloy, the Horus Titan that is hangar-less behind Hollywood Sign reactivates in the DLCs trailer, confirming it’ll be a huge distraction for Aloy and her allies as they seek to make a pity for NEMESIS arrival.

    In our trailer, we see Aloy outfitting Quen, meaning it’ll likely be featured in new gear. The new-generation Quen Commando Bohai taking the West to join the Forbidden West to petition the emperor, the most plausible adequacy of which is to leave Legacys landfall in the Isle of Spires and the few remaining Quen will instead join Aloy to the Burning Shores, and in response to the unforgivable enigma about how to defeat NEMESIS while fighting the awakened Titan. Of course the disorganized constitution of people who want to defend America from NEMESIS was a key takeaway from the end of Forbidden West, so the Quen involved in Aloys, a difficult descent through the Burning Shores isn’t too hard.

    Guerrilla Games have opted for a limited release of Burning Shores DLC, and to develop it until then. Of course, this decision is likely Sonys, as they seek to move their first-party studios away from developing for the nearly ten years old PlayStation 4 ade. Yet, if the battle between Aloy and the massive Horos Titan machine was pretty much all too strong, it seemed too enemied to define that kind of strategy based on the development budget.



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