Honor of Kings Invitational Series 2 champions crowned, new Southeast Asia Championship announced

    • The Honor of Kings Invitational Series 2 champions have been announced.
    • LGDC Gaming Malaysia has taken the lion’s share of the gold and prize pool.
    • Honor of Kings will also soon see the inauguration of a new South East Asia Championship.

    Honor of Kings Invitational Series 2 champions have been crowned, as LGD Gaming Malaysia beat all comers to take home the gold medal in the hit MOBA. But that’s not all, as Honor of King has big news coming for the esports scene after its global release.

    The big news of course is that LGD Gaming Malaysia won the Honor of Kings Invitational tournament. They defeated Team Secret in the Grand Finals and took home the bulk of the $300,000 prize pool.

    The win also means that LGD will participate in the Honor of Kings Invitational mid-season tournament at the Esports World Cup in Saudi Arabia in August. They will compete against 12 other international teams for a chance to win more prestige and prize money.

    Bigger and better

    But as we wrote above, there is also news that Honor of Kings will inaugurate a new Southeast Asia Championship as part of its ambitions to develop a bigger sports scene for the game. Honor of Kings has been a huge hit in its home country of China, and since its global release, there have been signs that the mobile MOBA has big ambitions to dominate competitive gaming.

    After Riot Games took a step back from the competitive scene in the APAC and SEA regions last year, it may indeed have room to become Honor of Kings. gave Game for sports players in these areas.

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