Honkai Star Rail Trial of Equilibrium 5 Guide


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    Level 60 is the holy grail of level in Honkai: Star Rail. You can finally slow down your progress, as getting to the next Balance Level is hard work, and most enemies above it don’t scale that much in terms of difficulty. There is only one barrier between you and Trailblaze Level 60: Trial of Equilibrium Part 5. If you are having trouble getting past it, this is your guide.

    HSR Balance Tier 5 Guide

    I approach each stage of Trial of Equilibrium in Honkai: Star Rail in a similar way. I bring a DPS that is strong against one of the two bosses on the stage (or both), Fire Trailblazer, and my favorite healer.

    The best team compositions for Trial of Equilibrium Part 5

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    Given my recommended approach above, you can create a team like this for Trial of Equilibrium Part 5:

    • Yanqing (for the first boss), Serval (for the second boss), a healer and Trailblazer
    • Sushang (for the first boss), Asta (for the second boss), a healer, Trailblazer

    The important part in Part 5 is that whoever you bring in to deal with Silvermane Lieutenant has to be a relatively fast single target DPS. I’m lucky to have Yanqing on this account, but other options for the first boss include Sushang, Silver Wolf, and Seele. If you don’t have any of those, then any DPS with an item that is weak will do.

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    How to Beat the Balance Test Part 5

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    The bosses in Trial of Equilibrium 5 are Lieutenant Silver Mane and decaying shadow. The latter is not really a threat. As you know, you only need to urgently hit her when she is preparing for that “big” attack. But she gives you enough turns to mitigate most of the damage. The real headache is Silvermane’s lieutenant, his battalion of Silvermane’s guards, and the seemingly permanent counterposition to her.

    If you followed my compensation advice above, then you should have an easier time. Ignore all the additions and try to break the shield of the lieutenant of Silvermane as quickly as possible. In case you don’t get it before he picks up the token from him, he continues to defeat the other guards until he drops it. The tiny spears from him are nothing compared to the damage that shield will do to you. If you’ve been having trouble in Simulated Universe 3, it’s probably due to the contraposition as well. It must be a secret weapon of the Silvermane Guard.

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