Honkai Star Rail Team Comps – The best gear to use for every five-star standard character


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    After a day or two of playing Honkai: Star Rail, you’ve likely earned your first five-star character. That unit is likely to be one of the characters featured on the standard Warp banner. The best thing to do early in the game is to build a team around him. You’re not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we can help you. These are the best team compositions for each standard five-star character in Honkai: Star Rail.

    The best team compositions for each standard five-star character in Honkai Star Rail

    There are seven different five-star standard characters you can get from the standard Warp banner in Honkai: Star Rail. You’re guaranteed to get one of them within 50 pulls on the Departure Warp Banner, which we think you should pull. You will also be able to choose a free five-star unit after pulling the standard banner 300 times.

    Best Team Compositions for Himeko in Honkai Star Rail

    Himeko is a fire and lore character who has access to a powerful follow up attack and can easily apply the burn effect to most enemies. She pairs very well with other four star fire characters and those who also have a follow up attack, especially when used in the simulated universe. Don’t forget your support characters though. Here is an example of some team compositions:

    • Himeko, Natasha, Antler, Hook
    • Fire Trailblazer, Himeko, Herta, March 7

    Best Team Compositions for Clara on Honkai Star Rail

    Clara’s best teammate is undoubtedly 7 of March. She needs March’s shield to taunt enemies towards her and take advantage of powerful follow-up attacks. Aside from March, plan on pairing her with other physical or harmony characters that can boost her damage, like Tingyun. Here is an example of some team compositions:

    • Clara, Natasha, Sushang, March 7
    • Clara, Natasha, Tingyun, March 7

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    Best team compositions for Yanqing on Honkai Star Rail

    Yanqing is a character from Ice Element who follows the path of The Hunt. He can be a bit squishy so shields will be essential for this character. Here again, 7 of March It will be your free choice to fill this role. (See a pattern?) Other ice and support units go well with Yanqing, like Pela. Here is an example of a Team Comp:

    • March 7, Yanqing, Pela, Tignyun/Herta

    Best Team Compositions for Welt on Honkai Star Rail

    Welt is a Nihility Imaginary Element character who specializes in slowing down enemy spin. Because of this, he synergizes well with dan heng, whose damage is increased when attacking slowed characters. Welt is the only imaginary character in the game right now. Pairing him up with other characters is a bit tricky right now because of this. He works well with other Nihility characters in the Simulated Universe. Here is an example of a Team Comp:

    • Natasha, Welt, Dan Heng, Pela

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    Best Team Compositions for Bailu on Honkai Star Rail

    Bailu is a fairly universal character in many team compositions, as she largely replaces Natasha. He pairs especially well with other Lightning characters like serval cat. Be careful when using it on Arlan, as he does better with protectors than healers. Here is an example of a Team Comp:

    • Serval, Bailu, Tingyun, Sushang

    Best Team Compositions for Gepard on Honkai Star Rail

    Gepard replaces 7 of March as a protector, but oddly enough, he does very well as a Sub-DPS unit paired with Gepard if built to prioritize his follow-up and Ultimate attacks. Otherwise, he can go back to being a universal support unit like Bailu, if necessary. Here is an example of a Team Comp:

    • Gepard, Herta, Pela, March 7

    Best Team Compositions for Bronya on Honkai Star Rail

    Bronya doesn’t have very ultimate Team Comps because she’s such a powerful universal boost for any all dps characters. Place her on any team to make them hit harder and faster. She is a Wind Element character, so pairing her with Dan Heng will go especially well. This is just one example of a Team Comp she can fit into:

    • Dan Heng, Bronya, Natasha, Sushang

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