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    As the Astral Express kicks off into high gear, you might be eager to start traveling Jarilo-VI with the best characters possible. While Honkai: Star Rail wasn’t built with internal rerolling support, you certainly can, if you have the patience to do so. With that being said, here are the best characters to target in your tag team.

    This guide will only cover five star departure warp charactersas the featured characters in the limited banner rotate every few weeks.

    Relaunch of the tier list for Honkai Star Rail

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    All Departure Warp Characters On Honkai Star Rail, Ranked

    We ranked the Honkai: Star Rail Departure Warp characters based on their replay value. Ultimately, you will enjoy this game a thousand times more alongside your beloved characters, so don’t let these ratings get you down. I was targeting Himeko even though I didn’t feel like she was very useful when I played her in beta testing, because who can resist the charismatic Astral Express navigator?


    Bronya (Wind, Harmony)

    • Bronya has an amazing time-tested kit that is useful in any game mode. It can dispel a debuff from an ally and allow them to act immediately. Her Talent also allows her to perform more actions, and her Ultimate can further improve the team’s DPS. In a speed game, Bronya will help your team fight their way through tough battles.

    Bailu (Lightning, Abundance)

    • Bailu is arguably the best healer in the game, with a team that can provide high levels of area of ​​effect healing and is the only character that can revive (E6 required).
    • It’s important to know that all players get Natasha, an amazing four-star healer, early in the game. Bailu shows her strength in the mid game, especially from Xianzhou Luofu and beyond.

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    Gepard (Ice, Preservation)

    • Gepard is a reliable AoE protector, which is one of the most crucial roles for survival, especially against high-level content. He is also able to revive himself once in battle after unlocking the “Unbreakable Will” talent.
    • His shield is locked behind his Ultimate, making March 7 easier to use early in the game.

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    Welt (Imaginary, Nihility)

    • Welt is the only imaginary DPS character in the game, an item that becomes extremely useful in Xianzhou Luofu. He can apply debuffs, such as slow and imprisonment, to delay the enemy’s actions. Despite this, his overall performance can feel quite lackluster compared to other powerhouses.

    Clara (Physical, Destruction)

    • Clara plays the role of an offensive tank that responds whenever she is hit. This can be a double-edged sword as Clara tends to be quite soft in battle, so she needs more support from a protector or healer. The damage dealing portion of her role is almost identical to Physical Trailblazer, which everyone gets for free.


    Himeko (Fire, Erudite)

    • Himeko specializes in dealing AoE damage and applying Burn to enemies. She’s not a bad character per se, but she requires more investment than others to perform well, making her less than ideal as a starting five star.

    Yanqing (Ice, The Hunt)

    • Yanqing specializes in self-buffing and dealing single-target DPS. It’s the only single-target Ice DPS unit, but since this item doesn’t spawn too often early game, its use can be situational. Yanqing is extremely strong as a base character, but tends to lose performance once you start upgrading everyone’s relics.

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