Honkai Star Rail Kafka Farming Guide


    Kafka is five-star Lightning character who follows the Path of the Nihility. She’s a Stellaron Hunter with a notorious lack of fear, enabling her to flit from planet to planet in accordance with Elio’s script. Like many others, I’m so excited to finally pull for her in the second half of the Version 1.2 banner. While she hasn’t been released yet, I highly recommend pre-farming so that you can quickly Ascend her the moment you get her.

    Keep in mind that the information below is based on leaks and must be taken with a grain of salt. It’s possible for there to be major changes to her material information upon release.

    Honkai Star Rail Kafka Ascension materials

    Ascension material Where to farm

    x15 Thief’s Instinct
    Antimatter Legion
    Simulated Universe enemies
    Rewards from Assignments
    Embers Exchange
    Omni-Synthesizer (Material Exchange)

    x15 Usurper’s Scheme
    Antimatter Legion
    Simulated Universe enemies
    Omni-Synthesize (Material Synthesis and Exchange)

    x15 Conqueror’s Will
    Antimatter Legion
    Simulated Universe enemies
    Omni-Synthesizer (Material Synthesis and Exchange)

    x65 Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff
    Stagnant Shadow (Stargazer Navalia)
    Omni-Synthesizer (Material Exchange)

    Kafka’s Ascension materials can be farmed from the sources listed above. In addition, prepare 308,000 Credits to fully Ascend her to Level six. You need to have access to the Stargazer Navalia to farm her materials, which opens as you unlock The Xianzhou Luofu while completing Trailblaze Missions.

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    Honkai Star Rail Kafka Trace materials

    Above are all of the materials you need to farm to max out Kafka’s Traces, on top of 3,000,000 Credits to pay for the level-up cost.

    Make sure to farm the Antimatter Legion at the following minimum Equilibrium Levels: level two for the Usurper’s Scheme and level four for the Conqueror’s Will. The Regret of Infinite Ochema will require you to defeat Phantylia the Undying, which is quite a tough battle—so take advantage of friend Supports to help.

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