Honkai Star Rail Kafka Banner – Release Date Speculation


    Anyone who has played the introduction to Honkai Star Rail already knows how powerful Kafka can be. With his unique skill set, he could become one of the best Lightning DPS characters in the game. Players won’t know for sure yet though, as she isn’t in any of the current banners. This raises the question: when will Kafka appear on a banner?

    When will Kafka Banner start on Honkai Star Rail?

    Perhaps Honkai Star Rail’s most hyped character doesn’t have a definitive release date at this time. However, based on a couple of clues, players can make some guesses as to when he will be coming into the game.

    First of all, it may be a month before Kafka makes his big appearance. Hoyoverse likes to wait at least a month before releasing these hyped characters. The same thing happened with the Archon characters in Genshin Impact.

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    Once that month is up though, it’s hard to see Hoyoverse waiting any longer to release Kafka. She is one of the few characters that players can use for a brief time before losing access to them. Thanks to her amazing introduction, Kafka is becoming one of the most popular characters on Honkai Star Rail.

    Why do people want the Kafka Banner to fall?

    In a nutshell, Kafka made quite an impression on players through the initial Honkai Star Rail mission. Kafka is an offensive Lightning-based character who has a pretty deadly ability that can damage all enemies at once. It seems that Kafka also has a mysterious relationship with the main character, asking them if they “remember her” before leaving the party.

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