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    Honaki Star Rail is a game that is all about working with your teammates to overcome threats greater than just yourself. What better way to symbolize that than by adding some new friends to your friends list? If this sounds like something you’d like to do, then you’ve come to the right place to learn how! Here is how to add some friends to your friends list in Honkai Star Rail.

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    How to Add Friends on Honkai Star Rail

    Adding friends is actually pretty easy in Honkai Star Rail, but you’ll need to have progressed far enough through the main story to unlock the menu option. To add friends, open the main menu and click on the Friends tab near the top of the open interface.

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    Pressing the Friends tab will take you to the Friends menu. At the top, you should have two options: My friends and befriend a stranger. To add friends to your list, press the button befriend a stranger option. Another interface will open presenting you with a host of other players that you can request to add to your friends.

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    If you are playing with some friends and specifically want to add them to your friends list, you can click Find UID to add friends in the chat box at the top of the screen and follow the instructions provided. You will need your friend’s UID (User Identification) number, which can be it is easily found at the bottom left of the screen during normal gameplay. With that, you’ll have a whole list of friends in no time!

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